University of Virginia

General Faculty Council

Minutes: June 23, 1998


Members Present:

Barry Anderson

Donal Day

Tom Dowd

Trish Foley

Elizabeth Fortune

Abby Gillette

Brad Holland

Carol Larson

Joyce Pastors

Jane Penner


Members Absent:

Ron Berube

Dennis DeSilvey

Martin Hoard

Mary Smith

Wayne Smith

Danny Wilmer


Also Present:

Doug Hurd

Bob deVoursney

Lynda S. White

Joyce Pastors chaired the meeting

  1. Review of minutes from May meeting: a correction was made to #2, Jane Penner agreed to serve as Policy Committee Chair, not By-Laws Committee Chair as reported in the May minutes. The word "priority" was changed to "prior" in #3.
  2. General discussion: The upcoming elimination of the "general faculty" employment category in the hospital was discussed. When the elimination of this category, a result of the hospital's codified autonomy privileges, becomes official, current members of the general faculty in the hospital will no longer be represented by the General Faculty Council. This issue is one of concern to the General Faculty Council. After discussion, Joyce Pastors agreed to invite Ron Bouchard, Chief Administrative Officer, and Tom Gausvik, Chief Human Resource Officer, to come to a meeting of the Council to discuss the implications and impacts of codified autonomy on current general faculty members in the hospital. Hospital representatives on the Council will try to gather data, information, and opinions from their constituents before such a meeting.
  3. Committee Chair Positions: Dennis DeSilvey will serve as Election Committee Chair and Donal Day will serve as By-Laws Committee Chair. All committee chair positions are now filled. Joyce Pastors will plan executive committee meetings for the future.
  4. General Faculty Membership: The Council thanked Elizabeth Fortune for sending out an Excel spreadsheet listing of all members of the general faculty. This list includes e-mail addresses and ethnicity categories. The ethnicity listing will be a useful tool as the Council strives to diversify its membership.
  5. The question of representation for general faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences arose. The College is allotted three representatives on the Council. Only one of those seats is currently filled. A decision has been made that the Council will represent only the Senior Research Staff positions (Research Scientist, Senior Scientist, and Principal Scientist) of the Professional Research Staff. The Research Staff positions (Research Associate and Research Assistants) of the Professional Research Staff will continue to be covered by existing Provost Office policies that apply to them specifically. These policies are on the Provost's home page. This policy change will diminish the size of the general faculty constituency in Arts and Sciences and in the Medical School. Elizabeth Fortune agreed to assess the numerical impact on the Arts and Sciences constituency and Trish Foley will assess the impact nn the Medical School.

    A decision about the appropriate number of Arts and Sciences General Faculty Council representatives was deferred until the exact size of the constituency has been determined. At a later date the Council will address elections and any by-law changes that might be necessary to guarantee effective representation.

  6. A discussion then ensued about the Council's draft #6 of a Policy on the General Faculty and its draft #2 of Administrative and Professional General Faculty Grievance Policies and Procedures. After examining draft #2 of the Administrative and Professional General Faculty Grievance Policies and Procedures and draft #6 of the Policy on the General Faculty, including a lengthy discussion of the Standards of Notice section, a motion was made to incorporate and approve suggested changes and send the two documents on to the Provost for his reaction. Members of the Council will receive, by e-mail, a copy of the cover letter that will accompany these two documents. The motion carried 6-2.
  7. There will be a new employee orientation for classified staff and general faculty on July 15, 1998, from 2-5 pm in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom. There will be representatives from the General Faculty Council at this orientation to answer questions and promote the Council.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 14, 12:30-2:00 pm, in 389 Newcomb Hall.

Submitted 10 July 1998

Tom Dowd, Secretary

General Faculty Council