MAY 12 1993


John Alexander
Ann Loper
Pam Bouchard
Julie Martin
Beth Camden
Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
Richard McGuire
* Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Jane Penner, co-chair of the General Faculty Council Nominating Committee chaired the first meeting of the General Faculty Council (GFC).

Julie Martin and Ann Loper were elected co-chairs of the council and Pam Bouchard was elected secretary.

Jane Penner reviewed the Statement of Purpose of the General Faculty Council and a list of issues developed by the Women's Faculty and Professional Association (WFPA) General Faculty Committee. Jane encouraged council members to call on the WFPA for assistance as needed.

Concerning the General Faculty Handbook, one of the issues on the list developed by the WFPA, Julie Martin indicated there are no plans to include information on the general faculty in the Faculty Handbook. According to the Provost's Office, the policies on the general faculty were written and distributed in a separate document titled Policies on the General Faculty. These policies have not been reviewed since 1987 when they were written. There is also a grievance procedure defined for the general faculty. There was general discussion that the council may want to consider reviewing these documents and may want to develop a General Faculty Handbook. A number of the issues named by the WFPA and others would be addressed through a review of these policies.

Jane Penner has been in contact with Bob Kretsinger, Chair of the Faculty Senate, and he is interested in the opinion of the council regarding the Sexual Conduct Proposal that has been presented to President Casteen. If the council plans to submit an opinion, it would need to do so quickly in order to have its opinion considered. The council may also want to submit an opinion regarding the 1994- 1996 budget in response to a request for comments made in the University Press.

Other Issues:

Julie Martin expressed an interest in finding out whether other councils exist similar to the General Faculty council in other Universities.

Julie also expressed an interest in better defining the general faculty. Currently there is some confusion in distinguishing between academic, administrative, and research general faculty. Julie recommended that this be one of the first items of business for the council.

Julie also expressed the need to develop bylaws.

Bernard Mayes recommended the council work on the Statement of Purpose, to better define who we represent and who we are accountable to.

Concerning who we are accountable to: Jane Penner indicated the GFC Nominating Committee felt it would be appropriate to have the council report to Leonard Sandridge, Tom Jackson and Don Detmer.

Concerning who we represent: The list of general faculty used by the GFC Nominating Committee was developed using pay codes but did not include all members of the general faculty.


Pam Bouchard will send council members a copy of the Policies on the General Faculty and the Grievance Procedure for the General Julie Martin and Ann Loper will develop a chart which gives a breakout of the different groups in terms of responsibility and accountability.

Bill Randolph and Richard Sealock volunteered to work on generating a printout of all general faculty that council members will be able to use to verify accuracy.

Jane Penner will send Pam a copy of the results of the survey that was done in 1992 that might be helpful in looking at issues. This may help the council to define the general faculty and issues we need to work on.

Beth Camden suggested at some point the council may want to request a meeting with President Casteen.

Jane Penner suggested we may want to consider the need for subcommittees and liaisons. For example there might be a bylaws subcommittee, a liaison to the Faculty Senate, a liaison to the WFPA General Faculty Committee, etc.

Next meeting: June 16, 1993 12:00 - 2:00 Vice President's Conference Room 3rd Floor, McKim Hall Rm. #3001


Pam Bouchard will find a meeting place and let everyone know location.

Pam Bouchard will type list of members names and addresses and distribute to members.