MAY 9, 1995

Members: Beth Picknally Camden
Virginia Germino
*Shawn Campbell
Dearing Johns
*James Clack
Ann Loper
Mark Doherty
*James McGowan
*Colleen Fitzpatrick
*William Randolph
Hilton Fowler
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Ann Loper chaired the meeting.

The minutes of April 11 were approved with corrections.

Old Business:

Election of Secretary

There were no volunteers to run for the position of Council Secretary. The duties of the secretary were discussed. The Council agreed to rotate the recording of minutes among the members. (Ann Loper will record for June; Richard Sealock for July). The Council agreed that the chair would prepare the agenda.

Beth Picknally Camden agreed to accept nomination for the position of secretary under these terms, and was elected to the position.

Committee on Policy

Ann Loper distributed a membership list for the Committee on Policy (attached). The Committee has met, and decided to focus on the general faculty handbook. All other issues, in the Committee's charge will fall under this issue. They plan to review the Faculty Handbook and all other documents which apply to the general faculty. The Committee will meet every four weeks. Eventually, they will break into study groups and pull in additional people at that time.

Ann presented a draft letter announcing the Committee and its plan. A motion was made to send the letter to the President and Executive Council.

Motion approved.

New Business:

Rapid Communication with our constituency:

Richard Sealock proposed that we set up a mailing list for all general faculty and professional research staff, and possibly for subsets by the Council members areas of representation. He is working with George Stovall to get a computer file with e-mail addresses of general faculty.

The Council agreed that he should continue to pursue this idea.

Part-time benefits:

Richard Sealock discussed the lack of information disseminated to part-time faculty concerning their benefits with the University. Specifically, many part-time faculty are unaware that they are able to reserve portions of their salary in a tax deferred account (403-B). Richard Sealock, Dearing Johns, and Mark Doherty agreed to frame a letter to be sent to the benefits office which will inquire about dissemination of this type of information. This letter will be circulated one-mail, and with council approval (via e-mail) will be sent from Bill Randolph, as Council Chair. A copy will be sent to President Casteen.

Election procedures:

A discussion of election procedures and timing of election of officers was tabled to the next meeting.

Location of Council meetings:

There was some discussion concerning the advisability of changing the location of Council meetings. However, several of the locations suggested (e.g. Newcomb Hall, Colonnade) will not be open this summer. For the time being we will remain in our current location.

Next meeting: Tuesday June 13, 1995 1:00-3:00 McKim Hall Room 3113

Policy Committee Members

Mark S. Doherty
Patricia Foley
Hilton Fowler
Virginia Germino
Ann Loper (Chair)
Suzanne Louis
Julie Martin
Jane E. Penner
Richard Sealock
Lynda S. White