University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)

Minutes: October 9, 2001 12:00-1:30 PM, Room 389 Newcomb


Members Present: Mary Abouzeid, Frank Butros, Chuck Callaghan, Donal Day, James Freeman, Joe Gieck, Carol Hunter, Bill Keene, Aaron Laushway, Lotta Lofgren, Barbara Millar, Jan Redick, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson

Members Absent: Jann Balmer, Rosie Dunn, Maurice Lipper


The meeting was chaired by Frank Butros


  1. Minutes of the September 11, 2001 meeting were approved as corrected.
  2. Chairís Report:
  3. Max Salinas had hoped to find someone in the Engineering School to fill out his term on the council, but was unable to do so. Council members discussed whether to hold a special election to fill the vacated seat or to wait until the general election which will be held in March. The decision was to wait and fill the vacated seat at that general election

    Frank Butros reported that the Faculty Staff Resource Fair will be on November 8, 2001 and that Barbara Millar and Aaron Laushway have agreed to staff the General Faculty Council table. Lynda White offered to be a backup for them at the fair on that day. Various ideas for attracting folks to the table were proposed. Of these, the idea of handing out canvas tote bags imprinted with the council name was well received. Joe Gieck will look into a source and cost for the bags and report to Frank Butros. One new feature at the council table will be a sign-up sheet that will give us an idea of how many folks visit the table and what their positions are at the University.

  4. Other business:

A. Mary Abouzeid identified the desirability of having more information about council members to go along with their photographs on the website. It was felt that ranks and titles would be helpful information to add. Jan Redick will send out an email request to council members to submit the relevant information. Since some members were absent the day pictures were taken, Chuck Callaghan has agreed to bring a digital camera to the next meeting and take photos of those persons.

B. Bill Keene reported that he, Lotta Lofgren, Lynda White and Donal Day have been working on a mechanism by which members of the General Faculty could be reliably identified and extracted from the Universityís database. As was agreed by council members, Bill submitted the following text on this subject for insertion in the minutes:

Since we are defined in part by title, the primary set of filters should probably be based on title. According to our Council's bylaws and the Policy on the General Faculty, these include:

Teaching and Research General Faculty (from our By-Laws)Academic General Faculty (from the Policy on the General Faculty)

- Non-tenure-track Academic Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors

- Lecturers

- Research Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors

- Senior Research Staff

Including only Research, Senior, and Principal Scientists

(Not including Assistant and Research Associates)

Administrative and Professional General Faculty (from our By Laws)

Administrative General Faculty (from the Policy on the General Faculty)

Most Administrative and Professional General Faculty have the academic rank of Lecturer followed by a functional title (e.g., Lecturer and Associate

Librarian) but some have professorial rank.

Specific categories include:

- Librarians

- Architects and Engineers

- Counselors

- Coaches

- Lawyers

- Physicians

- Dentists

- Veterinarians

- Other professional positions serving education, research, athletic,

medical, student affairs, facilities management, and development

functions or activities.

- Others

Based on the above, it appears that any non-tenure-track employee of the

University with the words Professor, Lecturer, or Scientist in their title

is, by definition, a member of the General Faculty.

To verify the reliability of any list prepared based on title, we should

request that the Oracle folks also prepare a filter that would generate

lists of 1) all faculty (including senior research staff), 2) all

tenure-track faculty, and 3) all non-tenure-track faculty. Categories 2

and 3 should add up to 1.

Please carefully review the above to make certain that no categories of

General Faculty slipped through the cracks.

We recommend requesting that all lists of General Faculty include:

- titles

- school and department affiliations

- e-mail addresses

- employment status [e.g., 1) part time <50%, 2) part time >50%, or 3)

full time]

We should also request that, once a reliable algorithm has been verified and implemented, we (the Council) be able to directly access the database to extract updated lists as needed.

Obviously, broader access to the entire database would allow the Council to conduct statistical analyses and extract other potentially useful data. In

this regard, we should request open access to all data that should be

available to the general public (i.e., all that are subject to the Freedom

of Information Act).

It was recommend that Frank Butros, on behalf of the Council, ask those implementing Oracle to develop algorithms based on the criteria detailed in the above text.


4. Goals and Objectives

Frank Butros enjoined council members to participate in a brainstorming session to begin the process of identifying goals and objectives for the General Faculty Council. Each council member submitted ideas which were recorded without comment. Seventeen ideas (goals) were listed and are as follows:

1. Continue tracking UVA Policy on the General Faculty and

put it to bed

2. Address "Research General Faculty" policy issues

3. Look into health benefits for part-time employees

4. Clarify grievance procedures for General Faculty

5. Disseminate the General Faculty Mission Statement

6. Improve communication

7. Increase awareness

8. Determine the best way to serve an enormous and diverse group

9. Create a real database of who/what we are for purposes of


10. Develop and implement a plan to make state legislators aware

of the General Faculty category

11. Develop and implement a survey of General Faculty needs and


12. Advocate on behalf of the General Faculty to the senior


13. Organize the General Faculty into sub-groups within schools

14. Establish "Welcome Wagon" package for new General Faculty

15. Address salary issues

16. Do a statistical analysis of the General Faculty membership

17. Increase social interaction

Following general discussion, it was obvious that several of the topics

overlap. To narrow the list and arrive at some consensus, Lynda White agreed to prioritize the items and submit same to council members by email before the next meeting.

5. Committee Reports:

Research and Scholarship Committee: Donal Day attended a recent meeting of this committee in the place of Maurice Lipper who is the General Faculty Council representative to the Research and Scholarship Committee.

Academic Affairs Sub-Committee: Aaron Laushway reported that this committee annually approves Harrison award recipients. In addition, he reported that the committee has a new chair, Bob Evans (of the College of Arts and Sciences), and that the focus/theme of the committee this year is "Graduate Students", and will concentrate on grad student quality of life, scholarship, financial issues, and academics. Finally, Aaron reported that, in response to a request from the McIntire School, the committee has approved a change in degree title from Master of Science in Management Information Systems to Master of Science in Management of Information Technology.

Benefits Committee: Carol Hunter had to leave the meeting before she could give her report from a recent meeting of this committee. The text of her report was submitted via email to the secretary, Jan Redick, and is reproduced below:

The Committee on Benefits met on September 19, 2001. Linda

Way-Smith, the University's Chief Benefits Officer reported

items of interest to the Committee. Highlights included the


Ann Goodson has been hired as the health care ombudsman, a

position created to assist UVA employees with health care

benefits questions and any possible disputes.

Open enrollment sessions (when employees can change their

coverage or options without penalty) will take place from

October 29 to November 30 this year.

QualChoice has been sold to Coventry Health Care of

Maryland. Although customer service staff has been cut, UVA

employees should not see any decline in levels of service.

UVA signed a five-year contract with QualChoice in July of

2001, and that contract transferred to Coventry with the


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.


NEXT MEETING: November 13, 2001 12:00 noon, Room 389, Newcomb Hall

Submitted by: Jan Redick