OCTOBER 12, 1994


John Alexander
Julia Martin
* Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
* Mark Doherty
* James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
* Tom Perrin
* Patricia Lampkin
William Randolph
Ann Loper
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Since a quorum of members was not present, no actions requiring a vote were taken.

Old Business:

Professional Research Staff.

Richard Sealock reported that a letter was forthcoming from Gene Block to Bill Randolph which would respond in detail to Council's concerns. A final policy for the Professional Research Staff has been prepared and is being reviewed now by General Counsel's office.

General Faculty Handbook.

There was strong consensus that this was an important project for the Council to support. Julia Martin will find out who in the Provost's Office is working on the project and will volunteer to serve (along with Ann Loper and Richard Sealock) on a committee to work on this handbook. Julia will also express a willingness to chair the committee.

Council feels that this could be a very important and useful document and that working on it will clarify many of the issues about which Council is concerned.

Goals for 1994-95.

In addition to Council's support for the General Faculty Handbook, Council feels that a high priority is to increase the communication between individual members and their constituents. Council members are encouraged to devise ways of hearing from their constituents and to share their suc- cesses with the Council.

New Business:

The Council has been invited by the Women's Faculty and Profes- sional Association (WFPA) to an upcoming luncheon meeting on December 13, 12 noon, Garden Room of Colonnade Hotel. The WFPA will be sending invitations to all 1400 general faculty. The Council will prepare for this luncheon at our next meeting. Our presentation will probably include our history, who the Council represents and doesn't (Bill Randolph may want to present an overhead graphic), and our goals. The Council will definitely want to use the opportunity to hear from our constituency.

Bernard Mayes has requested that we consider a different meeting time. All Council members should send their schedules to Ann Loper. Ann has volunteered to suggest some alternative dates.

Bill Randolph thinks that a letter from the University just went to the State Legislature requesting to restore funding to the various centers. He will send that to Council members.

Recorded by: John A. Alexander

Send agenda items for the November meeting to Beth Picknally Camden by November 7, 1994