University of Virginia General Faculty Council

Minutes: October 13, 1998 meeting

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Ron Berube

Donal Day

Dennis DeSilvey

Tom Dowd

Trish Foley

Abby Gillette

Brad Holland

Joyce Pastors

Jane Penner


Barry Anderson

Elizabeth Fortune

Martin Hoard

Carol Larson

Mary Smith

Wayne Smith

Danny Wilmer


Lynda S. White

Ellie Wilson


Joyce Pastors chaired the meeting

  1. Joyce Pastors reported on the September 10th meeting of a proposed new University Coordinating Council. This meeting brought together representatives from the Faculty Senate, General Faculty Council, EO-AA, the Advisory Committee on Womenís Concerns, the Employee Councils, Student Government, and other groups. Called together by Alex Johnson, Vice Provost, the group discussed the need for a coordinating committee to share information, concerns, and communication. This new council will report directly to President Casteen and the chair of this committee will attend Board of Visitors meetings. Participants at the meeting agreed that this idea was worth pursuing for a year and then evaluating to see if the Coordinating Council should continue. Mr. Johnson presented a draft charter for the Coordinating Council. Discussion of this draft charter elicited a number of suggested changes. Mr. Johnson will make revisions to the draft for the next meeting. Joyce will report further on this matter at the next General Faculty Council meeting.
  2. Donal Day asked if the General Faculty Council would be interested in hearing a presentation by a representative from a group working to raise the wages of the lowest paid employees of the University. The Council agreed that it would like to hear more about the goals and efforts of this group. A representative will be invited to speak at the next Council meeting.
  3. The next New Faculty Orientation program will be held in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom from 2:00-4:00 pm, Thursday, November 12, 1998. The General Faculty Council will have a booth providing information about the Council and its activities. Volunteers will be needed to man the information booth.
  4. The Councilís proposed changes to the Policy on the General Faculty are still under consideration in the Provostís office.
  5. A call for nominations has been sent out to fill the two vacant Arts and Sciences Council seats. A few people have expressed interest and the election process will proceed. Dennis DeSilvey and Trish Foley will manage the election process. Ballots will be sent out electronically by November 10th and the election will be resolved by the end of November. The new Council members will be in place for the December Council meeting.
  6. Several revisions to the by-laws of the General Faculty Council were suggested and discussed by the Council. A copy of the proposed revisions will be sent to Council members. At the November meeting the Council will discuss these proposed changes and arrange to have the agreed upon revisions posted on the Council web site for viewing by the whole of the General Faculty. Implementation of these proposed revisions require a vote by the entire General Faculty.
  7. Next Meeting - Tuesday, November 10, 12:30-2:00 pm, in 389 Newcomb Hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tom Dowd


General Faculty Council