Honor Committee Offices: Newcomb Hall Room 468
Phone: 434-924-7602

Please contact the Honor Committee at the location or phone number above with questions, potential reports, or to have a confidential, non-binding conversation with an Honor Advisor.  Committee Offices are open between 8am-5pm (with Advisors available for walk-in “office hours” 9am-5pm) Monday-Friday during academic sessions.

General questions about the Honor System
Evan Pivonka, Special Assistant to the Honor Committee
Phone: 434-924-7438
Mary White, Administrative Assistant

Questions about Reports, Retractions, or Investigations
Sarah Killian, Vice Chair for Investigations

Questions about Hearings and/or serving as a student panelist
Jeffrey Warren, Vice Chair for Hearings

Request an Honor presentation for your school, class, or organization
Tamia Walker-Atwater, Vice Chair for Education

Co-Sponsorship and Community Partnership Inquiries
Brandt Welch, Vice Chair for Community Relations (Chair of Community Relations and Diversity Advisory Committee)

Inquiries about Faculty Involvement
Lindsay Fisher, Chair of Faculty Advisory Committee

Inquiries from media outlets
Devin Rossin, Chair

Contact your school’s Honor Representatives