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Youngmin Kim:
Transnational Literature and Glocal Humanities

February 2
5:30 pm
Clark 107

When literatures and cultures encounter those of the other counterparts in the contexts of a new geographic, ontological, and epistemological reconfiguration, the contacting points of the two or multiple entities in the world will turn out to be a vast region of interstitial zone of “intersections, competition, and exclusions.” When one reflects upon one’s confronting the “other” literatures and cultures in the moments of self-awareness and self-identity, one recalls the disturbing vortex of enriching inbound authenticity and threatening outbound hybridization. This dynamic vortex will construct the glocal, translocal, and transnational space of world literature. This space can be redefined when one puts the objects of the investigation in terms of the broader perspective of the transforming temporal glocal humanities.

Youngmin Kim is Professor of English, Director of the Institute of Trans Media World Literature at Dongguk University in Seoul, Korea, He is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of English Language and Literature. His current National Research Foundation of “Transnationalism and the Humanities” is a continuation of his 2009-2011 NRF “Transnationalism and Cultural Translation” project. His major interest is transnationalism and cultural translation, world poetries in English, and interdisciplinary border-crossing humanities.

This event is sponsored by the IHGC.