Obtaining the University of Virginia ID Number for all Faculty, Staff, and Students (Except Online Applicants)

Students who enrolled online go to "Obtaining the University ID Number for Online Applicants".

University ID (UID): Is the nine-digit number (NOT your Social Security Number) assigned to you by the University that will be your ID number throughout your time at the University. It will be used in place of a SSN in many day-to-day University transactions, and is in the format of 1234-56789. To obtain your University assigned nine-digit number see Step Three.

Computing ID: Is the alpha-numeric portion of your University email address in the format of "abc4d" (abc4d@virginia.edu). You will activate this ID in Step One. This ID will be used to authenticate your identity in many University systems throughout your time at the University, including any that require NetBadge authentication.


Getting Started

Step One: Activate your Computing ID and E-Services password by completing the Responsible Computing Quiz.

Step Two: Use your new Computing ID and the accompanying E-Services password to register for Orientation, Housing, Dining, etc., at University of Virginia Orientation.

Step Three: To obtain your University assigned nine-digit number:
  • Go to the ITC Directory Information Update Service.
  • Enter authenticating information.
  • This brings you to the form "Integrated System Faculty/Staff Information". The third line of text at the top of the subsequent page shows your UID.