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Winter 2003


ISDS Moves

ISDS has relocated to the Michie North Building at 918 Emmet Street. "While the more isolated environment at 2400 Old Ivy Road was helpful in our 'project' phase, this new location will allow us to work more closely with both our partners and the people we support," says Virginia Evans, Assistant V.P. for Integrated System Deployment & Support. New and In the Works Projects from the IS Usability Taskforces
FUSS members, from left: Mike Boblitz, Neal Grandy, Nancy Pace, Rose Chisholm, Sandy Layne, Melissa Clarke, Florence Buchholz, Rick Seaman, Angie Wooten.

Finance Usability & System Solutions (FUSS) Task Force

  • Prior to its designation as the FUSS task force, this group refined, enhanced, and improved the usability and functionality of existing FM and LD reports.
  • Based on a straw poll of Fiscal Administrators, the FUSS group is currently focused on communication and knowledge transfer in the subject area of month-end reconciliation requirements, policies, and procedures. FUSS is partnering with the Division of Training and Financial Administration to create both a new class and a web site focused on reconciliation.
  • FUSS is working on a method to exclude end-dated projects and awards from month-end reconciliation reports.

Manual Encumbrance Task Force

  • In September, this task force rolled out an extension¬†to the Grants Management (GM) module to aid users in creating and maintaining manual encumbrances. This new functionality is available to the UVA GM Encumbrance Specialist responsibility.
  • A new parameter was added to the existing FM_Expenditure Detail by Project report to allow old Oracle Manual Encumbrances to optionally be excluded from the report.

Click here for procedures.

Grants Task Force

This task force was charged with creating and improving reports for principal investigators and other grants administrators. To date they have created five Discoverer reports specifically for this group. Currently, they are working on a sponsored program-related addendum to the basic reconciliation course being developed by the FUSS task force.

HR Reports Task Force
This task force is working on 3 new reports and changes to a fourth. These reports will be published in the ODS for users with the 'UVA ODS Specialist ­ Limited' responsibility. Users will be notified by Central HR when these reports are available.

  • HR_Employee Roster by Org: This report provides a departmental employee roster of employees who have their Primary Assignment Organization assigned to a specified department.
  • HR_Current Salary Information: This report can be used by departments to identify groups of employees who will have a salary change. This report is based off a non-date tracked folder/view. It can be run by Org or MBU.
  • HR_Faculty Report: This Discoverer workbook contains 4 tabs (reports), all related to faculty. The individual tabs show data in each of the following areas: Basic Employee Information, Tenure Information, Endowed Chair Information, and Qualification Information.
  • UVA_Employee Information for Labels: The new version of this report will provide an option to show employees on-leave and/or suspension. The following columns have also been added: Hire Date, Home Phone, and Additional Titles.

LSP Task Force

This group is currently working on 11i workstation sizing and any necessary desktop upgrade (j-initiator, Discoverer, etc) requirements.


Choice Eliminates Spam

ISDS has created two new mailing lists, automatically subscribing all Integrated System users and fiscal administrators, but giving them the option to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive messages. These include:

  • IS Downtimes: Notice of out-of-the-ordinary system downtimes. These notices are also posted on the Current News web site.
  • IS Bulletins: IS Exchange and other notices of general interest to system users.

If you are not subscribed or know of someone who is not subscribed to either of these lists but would like to be subscribed, please click here.

Targeted emails to people with specific Integrated System responsibilities are not optional since they convey information that those users must have to do their work. Those messages will be sent from an IS User Notice account.


Hints and Tips

From Nancy Eagle, Office of the V.P. for Finance

  • Shift + tab to navigate backwards between cells instead of using the mouse to move there.

From Tara Poleski, ISDS

  • Shift + F5 will copy the cell above.
  • Shift + F6 will copy the entire line above. (Be aware, if you have attachments to the line above, the attachments copy also)
From Stacey Rittenhouse, Office of the Comptroller
  • When you go to the List of Values and put the first letter before the % sign, it takes you to that letter of the alphabet in the list. For example, I use travel a I just type a T%, and find, and it takes me right to all the travel expenditure types.
  • If you know expenditure types by heart, such as regular wages OTM on the time sheets, you just type “reg” in the field and tab, and it fills it in.

Please send your hints and tips to Carole Horwitz at so they may be included in the next issue of IS Exchange. If your tips are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.


Questions and Answers From Users

We encourage you to send questions, or answers to questions you have heard, to be included in future issues of IS Exchange. Please send them to Carole Horwitz at