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Fall 2004


Do You Have Suggestions to ImproveIntegration System Usability?
You are the best people to let us know what would make the Integrated System more useful to you. We received some very helpful suggestions through the IS User Survey that we have been able to parlay into improvements to the system. Do you have more suggestions? Send them to

Current Usability Task Force Projects

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions)
Focus on Reports: FUSS is continuing the series of sessions at the end of each Fiscal Administrators meeting to explain in detail specific aspects of reports and how to read them. Four have been held.

  • Session 1: the FM_Expenditure Detail by Project and FM_Project BBA by Expenditure Type reports
  • Session 2: Scheduling Discoverer and Standard Reports and Printing and Reprinting Standard Reports
  • Session 3: LD_Pay & Distribution Adj History report
  • Session 4: FM_Personnel Costs by Fiscal Year report

These sessions may be viewed on the Integrated System Reports web site

• With FUSS and Grants Usability Task Force assistance, two new FM Discoverer reports were published on October 1, 2004:

  • FM_Expenditure Detail by Award This report shows award managers, or those responsible for award oversight, all expense and encumbrance transactions at the PTAEO level for all awards owned by a specified organization and period. It contains all the same data as its project counterpart, the FM_Expenditure Detail by Project report.
  • FM_Award BBA by Expenditure Type This report shows award managers, or those responsible for award oversight, the relationship of award budget to actual and encumbered expenses, and calculates a Budget Balance Available (BBA) for all awards owned by a specified organization and period. It contains all the same data as its project counterpart, the FM_Project BBA by Expenditure Type report.

New FUSS initiatives include:

  • Improving the speed of running FM reports for single projects or awards
  • Dropping prior year F&A labor encumbrances from the Expenditure Detail reports (this would affect sponsored programs, i.e. awards that begin with G)
  • Beginning to brainstorm on a class on awards and cash management.

HR Task Force

  • With HR Task Force assistance, a new FM Discoverer report was published on October 1, 2004: FM_Personnel Costs by Fiscal Year
    This is a cross tab (or pivot table) report which lists personnel costs by project, task, award, expenditure type and employee for each period in a specified project or award carrying out organization and fiscal year.
  • Added Supervisor name to Employee Label Information view.
  • Developing a date-tracked employees by supervisor and organization report.

New HR Task Force initiative: Explore dropping assignments that have end-dated from Labor Schedule reports

Hints and Tips

Grants Management
To view the tasks assigned to your projects, open the Active and Inactive Award-Project-Task Combinations report. Pull Project Carrying Out Org to Page Item and pull Award Carrying Out Org down to column headers. You will see all the projects and related tasks for your org. – from ISDS

Submitting and Baselining Budgets: On the "Award Budgets" screen, after selecting the "Submit" button, you can simply select the "Find Draft" button to refresh the screen. When the "Submit" concurrent process completes, the "Baseline" button will appear and can be selected. Using the "Find Draft" button is easier than closing out the Award Budget screen, retyping the award number, finding the appropriate project, and then selecting the "Submit" button. – from Melissa Clarke, FUSS member

Do not fund at the Task level: U.Va. does not fund at the Task level. All funding should be at the Project level. If you mistakenly fund at the Task level, please contact the Integrated System Customer Support Center at 243-7550 for assistance in correcting the mistake. – from ISDS

When NOT to baseline budgets: ISDS recommends that you avoid baselining budgets from 12 Noon to 1:00 p.m. each day, if possible. A program is running during that time to update actuals, including Award Status Inquiry. As a result, the baselining process is delayed until this program completes, and you will experience delays in baselining during this time. – from ISDS

Receiving for Purchase Orders: If a Purchase Order line has multiple distributions, there will be a blue plus (+) sign on the Receipts form when you open receiving. You are required to click on the + symbol to open another Receipts screen, where you will find the multiple lines to use for receiving. If you have any questions when processing a Receipt, please call the IS Customer Support Center at 243-7550.

NOTE: Receiving must be entered into the Integrated System for all purchases greater than $5,000. – from the Integrated Services Customer Support Center

Human Resources
Selecting a position for an employee's assignment: When completing an employee's assignment, after selecting a position, a decision box asks: "You have selected a different position. Where the new position has default values for one or more of the following, and they are applicable to the current Person Type, your position will adopt these values: Grade, Payroll, Supervisor, Probation Period, Bargaining Unit, Salary and Pay Basis. Do you want to accept the values for this position?" You should ALWAYS choose “yes” at this decision box. – from the Integrated Services Customer Support Center

Standard IS Reports Printing Tip: To reprint a system report such as the UVA Cash Balance Report by Project or the UVA PA Installment vs Funding vs Expenditures Report, you do not have to rerun the report. Simply select "View," "Requests," "Find." Then select the request you want to reprint and select "Report," "Tools," "Reprint." This is helpful if you run the report initially with the designation of printing zero copies and then later determine you need a paper copy. – from Melissa Clarke, FUSS member

Warning about Exporting to Excel from Discoverer
It is now possible to export the results of a Discoverer query directly to Excel by clicking on the Excel logo in the upper right hand corner of the report display. BEWARE: Discoverer uses an older Excel standard to ensure maximum backward compatibility, but it also can cause some data from large files not to be retrieved. To be sure that all data rows are retained, select “YES” when asked whether you want to save to a later version. – from Rick Seaman, FUSS member, and Gary Young, Director of Fixed Assets

Check your SPAM email box regularly.
SPAM blockers are blocking a number of legitimate messages, including Integrated System approval notices. Be sure to check your SPAM email box by going to https:/, entering your email username and password, clicking on the uva-potential-spam mailbox, and reviewing the messages there. – from ISDS

Changing your password: To change your password, you need to be in the Navigator window; then Edit>Preferences>Change Password. – from the Integrated Services Customer Support Center

Please send your hints and tips to Carole Horwitz at so they may be included in the next issue of IS Exchange. If your tips are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.