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Spring 2006


Current Usability Task Force Projects

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions) Group

Focus on Reports: Three new Focus on Reports Sessions have been published and are available for viewing on the IS Reports web site:

o Session 11: BU_Budget vs Actual by Revenue Project
o Session 12: LD_Labor Suspense Detail Report
o Session 13: LD_Labor Schedule Hierarchy Report

FUSS Initiatives

o The Award and Cash Management class has been handed over by FUSS to central offices for final review and roll-out. The class is built on the ground work laid by the recent redesign of the Processing Funds web page, and will help employees understand what their responsibilities are in this area and how to carry out those responsibilities, from receipt of funds through reporting.
o A new report tab “Revenue Project Managers” is currently being developed for the GL_Revenue Project Relationships report that will list Revenue Projects and their managers.

PI Reporting Usability Group

The issues that affect PI accurate reporting were identified by the PI Reporting Usability Group, and have been taken to Oracle, who is working with a multi-university group, spear-headed by the University of Virginia, to resolve the major issues. We are cautiously optimistic that the following issues will be resolved when encumbrances are generated for the fiscal year 2006-07 budget period:

• correcting non-12-month encumbrances
• correctly encumbering Graduate Teaching and Graduate Research Assistant salaries
• generating labor encumbrances that are consistent with the sponsor’s budget period

In anticipation of these changes, the PI Reporting Usability Group has designed a series of executive level reports that provide PIs with more easily understandable data to aid in evaluation, analysis, and decision making. A new Funding Summary report will roll up budget, actual, and encumbrances to categories that more closely resemble the way the PI submits/relates to their budgets. A more streamlined PI Expenditure Detail report will provide detailed expenses, with references to tie to the PI budget categories. A prototype of these two reports has been developed and is currently being piloted by the team.


Hints and Tips

Focus on Reports
Instructions for printing the note pages for the Focus on Reports sessions have been added to the first slide in each presentation. The note pages contain the talking points that explain each of the slides in the presentation.