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Winter 2008


New Software Download for the Integrated System

Effective November 17, new software (JRE) is required for accessing forms in the Integrated System. JRE will download automatically when you first log onto the IS. There are two known issues that you may encounter with JRE:

  1. Temporary navigational issue: when you first open a form from the Integrated System home page, you will not see the cursor blinking in the first field. You must click in the field in order to activate the cursor so that you may begin keying data.
  2. LD users: until December 14, you will have to complete the top section of the LD Labor Schedule form, exit the form, and click on the “schedule lines” button again to complete the bottom section.

No More Paper Timesheets!

Long promised, the paper timesheets will meet their demise (actually, each department’s choice) in September 2009. Beginning in December, ISDS will be working with University Human Resources on a new self service time and leave system. This is a time entry system for any employee who currently is required to report hours worked and leave taken, including classified staff, research assistants, University staff, and wage and student workers.
Big wins:

  1. Exempt employees only will report leave hours taken and comp special holiday hours worked, or that no leave was taken.
  2. Non exempt employees will receive overtime pay in the same pay period it was earned.
  3. Time can be entered by the employee (through employee self service), the manager, or a timekeeper.

More information on the self service time and leave system will be available as the project proceeds.

New ISDS Staff

ISDS is excited to welcome two new team members who are looking forward to working with Integrated System users:

  • Nancy Honeywell has joined ISDS as the Grants Accounting functional analyst. Previously, Nancy was with University Human Resources, Office of Learning and Development, where she was the instructor for Integrated System Grants Accounting and help desk representative for the IS Financial modules.
  • Beth Martin has joined ISDS as an HR/Payroll Functional Analyst.  She served as the Finance/HR Enterprise Systems Team Lead in the Information Technology department at Radford University from 1993 until coming to U.Va.

Current Usability Task Force Projects

The Usability groups have been hard at work bringing you standardized and expanded FM reporting parameters, a more streamlined FM_Project BBA Summary report, a new PO_PO or Invoice Distribution Detail report, and 3 new Phase II  PI reports: FM_PI Award Reports, FM_PI NIH Grant Type Report, and PI Labor Schedules by PI.  They are now turning their attention towards new projects.

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions)
Next steps will include efforts to improve reporting following user feedback. Projects coming up include:

  • Creating Multi-Period expenditures and Multi-Year comparison reports
  • Continuing efforts to bring standard reports currently run from the Integrated System into Discoverer, e.g., the UVA PA Revenue vs Installment vs Funding vs Budget vs Expenditures report  and UVA Installment vs Funding vs Expenditures report.
  • Standardizing parameters used in AP/PO reports.

HR/Payroll Usability Group
Members of this group will reconvene to explore new and outstanding reporting issues.

PI Reporting Usability Group
As phase 3 of the PI report effort, group members will reconvene to explore new and outstanding issues.