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February 2011

Integrated System HR/Finance Upgrade Update: With upgrade comes NO MORE CHANGING PASSWORDS!!

With the roll-out of the Integrated System HR/Finance upgrade on May 2nd, users will no longer have to change their passwords every 45 days, one of the most common complaints of the Integrated System noted in user surveys. All HR/Finance users (except self-service only) will be asked to change their password one time after go live so that it will conform to the new, stronger requirements. All new users will be required to create passwords meeting these stronger requirements.

Requirements will be:

  1. Must contain at least 8 characters (was 7)
  2. Must contain at least one number (same)
  3. Must contain at least one letter (same)
  4. Is case-sensitive (new); however, there is no requirement to include a capital letter or a lower-case letter
  5. Cannot contain your username, better know as your user-id (same)
  6. Cannot contain repeating characters (i.e. support1 is not a valid password) (same)
  7. Should not contain special characters (special characters cause problems with Discoverer log-ons, especially $ and @) (same)

For more information on the upgrade, visit the upgrade website.