Below are links to some forms relating to the use of the Integrated System.

Form Name Description
Budget Office Forms

Including new award creation, installment modification to a new or existing award (ICOM)

Delivery Location Code Request Form

New or change to delivery location code both within Oracle and with Procurement Services

Expenditure Type (GM) Request Form

New or change GM expenditure type

Human Resources Forms  
Object Code (GL) Request Form

New or change GL Object Code

Organization Values Request Form

Create, modify Organizational (org) value

  • new parent or child org (create)
  • lineage of existing org (modify)
  • name or alternate name of existing org (modify)
  • property specialist (modify)
  • data security contact (modify)
  • labor suspense PTA (modify)
  • OTPS suspense PTA (modify)
Project Create Request Form

Attach to all new projects upon creation. The form responses should justify the expenditure function chosen when creating the project.