11i.10 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions





General FAQs

What is an upgrade?
A standard system upgrade involves the movement from the current version of the applications to the latest available version at the time of the upgrade. The upgrade to 11i.10 is a "point" release, which will have much less of an impact on users than the original 11i (11i.9) upgrade.

Why do we need to upgrade? Why do we need to upgrade now?


What will the new release specifically offer me?
An overview of the new features that come with the 11i.10 upgrade can be viewed on the Enhancements web site. Some of the new features that will be part of the upgrade are:

How will the Integrated System Deployment & Support team help users prepare for the upgrade?
Making sure that users' concerns are addressed and that users will be fully prepared for the new release are primary goals of the ISDS team and central offices during this upgrade. Many techniques will be employed to ensure that these goals are met. They include:


What training will be required?
Training requirements have not yet been determined. There will be a cutover time when 11i.9 training will be offered with 11i.10 training. Then 11i.9 training will cease.

Will responsibilities change?
Responsibilities will remain the same, though some may have more menu options.

Will Discoverer still be our reporting tool?
Yes, we will still use Discoverer for reports. There will not be a version change with this upgrade.

Will business processes remain the same?
It is anticipated that business processes will remain essentially the same since there will be little change in functionality.

When will Release 11i.10 go into Production?
The go-live for the upgrade is schedule for April 24, 2006. View the 11i.10 Upgrade Timeline web site for milestones.

How will current policies and procedures change in the new release?
It is not expected that current policies and procedures will change dramatically in the new release. 11i.10 is a logical, evolutionary step forward from the current release. Should any changes be required, more information will be provided.

Will I need to do anything to get access to the new release?
The upgrade to release 11i.10 will not affect your current access to the system. Your Username, Password, and all Responsibilities will remain virtually the same . There may be required training in some areas. This has not yet been determined, but will be communicated once a decision is made. A new j-Initiator will also be required. Instructions will be provided, or your LSP can assist you.

Will there be an 11i.10 User Fair?
The changes resulting from 11i.10 will not be significant enough to warrant a User Fair.

Will there be a new Jinitiator with this upgrade?
Yes, there will be a new Jinitiator. It will install automatically when you log onto the system following the upgrade. In some cases, an LSP will load the Jinitiator for you in advance of the upgrade. The old and new versions can co-exist.


11i.10 Heads Up

All Users:


Purchasing Users:

People who run concurrent requests:

Any concurrent requests scheduled between 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 20 and 7:00 a.m. on Monday, April 24, will be put on hold and released on Monday morning, April 24.

Discoverer and Cash Balance Report Users:

Beginning April 24th, you may see some changes in the way commitments and encumbrances are reflected on Cash Balance reports (and on Discoverer reports on April 25th):