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Human Resources and Payroll
Human Resources Management System
The Oracle Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) contains all employee data from the applicant to retirement. Some key features of HRMS are recruitment of employees, hiring of employees, people management, compensation management, career management, and benefits. HRMS is the repository of employee data that is tightly integrated with Oracle Payroll and Oracle Time Management to ensure that employees are paid correctly. MORE
The Oracle Payroll uses the information in the Oracle Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) combined with information from Oracle Time Management (OTM) to successfully pay employees. Some key features of Payroll are creation of payroll checks, direct deposit, state and federal tax filing, and W2 processing. MORE
Time Management
The Oracle Time Management (OTM) captures employee time and leave in order to provide information for Oracle Payroll to create payroll checks. OTM provides an online entry of time and leave to properly reflect the employee's past work week. This information is passed on to Oracle Payroll to correctly calculate an employee's payroll check. MORE
HR Training Administration
Oracle Training Administration uses employee information in the Oracle Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) combined with non-employee information from other Oracle modules to track registration of training events, develop budgets and track costs of training events, and to track skills and competencies gained by attending events. MORE

Fixed Assets
The Oracle Fixed Assets application will be the repository for all the University's fixed asset information including asset cost, ownership, location, and depreciation. Fixed assets include equipment, buildings, land, and land improvements. The application will provide an integrated means to track asset additions, location changes, transfers and retirements and will interface with the Accounts Payable module. Fixed assets will have the same look and feel of the other Integrated System applications and provide departments with easy access to a wide range of information for fixed asset budget planning, operational and physical inventorying needs.

HR Reports & Data Warehouse
The promise of the Oracle applications is the prospect of being able to enter and retrieve information that will assist in management decisions, from the individual to the institutional level. It is expected that the time consuming practice of re-keying information from the core human resources systems into "shadow" systems will be substantially reduced, if not eliminated. MORE


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