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             Executive Selection Team
                 Core Selection Team



These groups will decide the vendor(s) with whom the University will partner to implement an integrated suite of administrative systems. Delegates (identified by *) from the Senior Cabinet will make up the Core Selection Team and will oversee on behalf of the entire Cabinet most of the activities leading up to this decision. The team will be assisted by a hired consultant and representatives from the Core Assessment Team. Examples of activities this team will undertake are:

  • Reading proposals from partner prospects and, with input from Core Assessment Team representatives and the consultant, determine the "short list" of prospects
  • Meeting with executives from partner prospects to assess strategic direction, fit with UVA business style, and other indicators of potential partnership success
  • Conferring with executives from peer institution customer sites regarding vendor satisfaction
  • Providing direction and ongoing guidance to the Core Assessment Team as it plans and conducts evaluations of specific aspects of partner prospect offerings
  • Serving as executive-level advocates for the partner selection and garnering support from University's management and faculty
  • Securing needed funding for the partnership
  • Negotiating high-level points in the partnership contract
Member Name
Title & Department

Robert Cantrell

Vice President and Provost for Health Sciences

*Colette Capone

Vice President for Management and Budget

William Harmon

Vice President for Student Affairs

*Peter Low

Vice President and Provost

*Polley McClure

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

*Leonard Sandridge

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Robert Sweeney

Vice President for Development


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