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The ISP is Here…How Are We Doing?
July 25, 2001

Overall: Remarkably Well
As one ISP advisor succinctly put it, "There are bumps in the road, but no flat tires." All across Grounds, at Wise, and throughout the remote sites of the University of Virginia, employees are now doing their work "the Oracle way." Since we all just started, it is certainly taking more time, and there are lots of questions, but that is only to be expected for a system change of this magnitude.

Everyone at U.Va. is to be congratulated for their part in making the ISP implementation come in on time and on budget, an enormous accomplishment for a project of this magnitude, according to Joe Iannacone, the project's KPMG manager. "This was only possible because of the combination you have at U.Va. of extraordinary executive sponsorship, a highly capable and motivated project team,  

Gary Nimax, ISP Purchasing team lead, presents Joyce Blakey, from the Department of Cell Biology, with an ISP shirt for being first person to enter an LPO in Oracle.
and University employees willing to embrace change," he adds. "It usually takes between three and six months to get up to speed and feel comfortable with a new system. You are off to a great start here."

Bill Randolph, ISP project director, adds, "We thank everyone for their patience, dedication, and - in most cases - enthusiasm about learning about the Integrated System."

Reports Tips
A new "Reports" tab has been added to the top of the home page of the Integrated System website. This site provides you with a complete explanation of reporting options within Oracle and the Operational Data Store (ODS). Highlights include:

  • How and when the ODS is refreshed, and why information will, typically, be about 24 hours old
  • Dates and times of ODS help sessions
  • A list of predefined ODS reports in Discoverer
  • Information on how to use Discoverer

Important tips:

  • To log on to Discoverer, use the following connect string:
    • Username: userid(e.g. tj4u):UVA ODS Specialist (capitals and spaces as shown)
    • Password: your Oracle password
    • Connect: ods
  • When opening a predefined Oracle report, go to the Sheets menu and select "Retrieve all rows" in order to view all of the information in the report. Otherwise, only a certain number of rows might be downloaded.

The reports site will also lead you to information on Discoverer.

Note to SMEs and Report Developers: Two Noetix folders are being replaced. Click here for more information.

Banner Efforts by Help Desk Staff
Individuals staffing the Integrated System Customer Support Center (ISCSC) and ITC help desks have been doing a phenomenal job responding to several hundred questions daily from new Oracle users. The ITC Help Desk people are answering desktop-related questions. The ISCSC folks are responding to questions about using the Oracle applications.

The people staffing the ISCSC phones are project team members who have primary expertise in one Oracle application. Approximately eight people rotate between the ISCSC phones, training, serving on the SWAT team, and responding to issues that arise in the applications.

"Needless to say, they are stretched quite thin," reports Gary Helmuth, special assistant to the chief human resources officer, and interim manager of the ISCSC. "They truly appreciate the patience of callers as they strive to provide answers, especially for questions outside their area of expertise."

Tips for getting answers before calling the help desks:

Back at the Ranch
So, what happens now?

  • Training: Wave 2 training has begun and will continue through August. After that, an on-going training schedule will be established by a new central training organization within University Human Resources, which will be called the Division of Training.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the financial applications: An Applications Support Center is being established, comprised of several Phase 1 ISP functional and technical team members, to oversee the performance and development of the live Oracle applications and to coordinate with the development and testing of the phase 2 applications.
  • Phase 2 begins: The kick-off for the Human Resources/Payroll phase of the ISP took place on July 16. Phase 2 team members, who come largely from University Human Resources, have already completed their "as-is" documentation, detailing current operations.



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"You are off to a great start here."

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