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April 2, 2001

FAQ List Gets Started
We have started a list of Frequently Asked Questions and responses.

Document Repository Fills Up
One frequently asked question is where people can view some of the documents and lists of values for the new Integrated System. Here you will find selected, regularly updated, documents for review by the University community. Documents include lists of Oracle responsibilities, Organization codes, balance sheet and revenue object codes, expenditure types, fund source codes, and PTA setup and maintenance activities and responsibilities. Additional documents will be added to the repository as they are completed. Feel free to visit to get an advance look at how some values may differ between today's system and tomorrow's.

What's the Scoop with Macs and Windows 2000?
The unexpected news that the version of Oracle software we are implementing is not compatible with Macintosh or Windows 2000 operating systems has generated a lot of activity to look for solutions and/or work-arounds. After months of exploring different options, the University has concluded that we will not be able to use Macintosh or Windows 2000 computers until they are certified by and work reliably with Oracle. Click here to view a list of questions and answers, including some suggested alternatives. We appreciate the difficulty this presents in some areas and will continue to explore possible solutions.

April Brings Dogwoods, Redbuds, and Applications Training!
Now the Sandbox can get a real workout! With Overview and Navigation training behind us, we will now start learning how to actually do our jobs in the new Integrated System.
     Here is what you can expect. Because of the number of individuals who have to be trained, and the number of responsibilities some of you will have, the ISP advisors and unit administrators have identified who needs training in a particular responsibility prior to July 2 (Wave 1), and who might be trained in a particular responsibility after go-live (Wave 2).
     The ISP training team will be mailing out emails to all individuals who will be trained in Wave 1 over the next several weeks. Those identified for Wave 2 training will begin to receive emails after go-live.
     The email you receive will provide your User Registration ID number and step-by-step instructions on how to register on line. Due to the staggered schedule of classes, you may not be able to enroll for all courses for all of your assigned responsibilities at once. You will be notified as additional courses become available for which you might register. In addition, classes will be opened up over time, rather that all at once. If your class choices have filled up by the time you register, more classes will be made available shortly thereafter. If your responsibility requires a series of courses, please register for them in order so you have the prerequisites at the time you attend a class.
     All individuals trained on the Oracle applications will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement following training, confirming that you understand the proper use of the data to which you have access.
     We're beginning the race to the finish line, which is really the beginning. "Everything won't be perfect on day one," says Bill Randolph, ISP director, "but we'll work together to get it there."

Oracle Security Gets Strengthened
The password you will use to log on to the Integrated System is not "strong" enough to offer sufficient security to the system. As a result, Jim Jokl of ITC is constructing a firewall that will require a strong password to be entered before logging on to the system.     "We know that entering two passwords is not going to be particularly popular," says Teresa Wimmer, ISP technical lead. "But Jim is working to minimize any inconvenience. You will be able to use the same password you use for email, since that is a strong password. In addition, once you are past the firewall, you will have access not only to Oracle, but to whatever programs you would otherwise use. Our goal is to ensure that the University's system is secure from unauthorized users while causing as little inconvenience as possible to our authorized users."

Conference Room Pilot 2 in Rearview Mirror
Months in preparation for CRP 2; then it's over, and we have just one month to prepare for CRP 3. That is how time is foreshortened as the project nears go-live.
     CRP 2 offered an opportunity to test transactions to assure that they all integrated properly with the different applications and rolled up to the General Ledger. Different processes were run, including month-end closing, running nightly processes, and importing payroll to be scheduled.
     "The sessions went pretty much as anticipated," reports Bill Randolph, ISP project director. "Some issues arose that we have already addressed, while we are working to resolve others. That is the virtue of the CRP process. It lets us address potential issues before the system is implemented."
     Interfaces, conversions, and any processes and modifications that have not been tested to date will be tested in CRP 3. A separate week has been set aside for CARS testing to be certain we are in compliance with state requirements.



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"We're beginning the race to the finish line, which is really the beginning."

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