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The ISP is Coming...Reminders
July 6, 2001

If I didn't receive the Oracle access email message ("Welcome to the Integrated System"), why didn't I?
Between Tuesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 28, an email was sent to those of you who will be given access to a new responsibility in the Integrated System on July 9. That means you:

  • have completed all of the required training for at least one of your Oracle responsibilities,
  • submitted a signed confidentiality agreement to Human Resources, and
  • if you are a temp or Medical Center employee, had an Oracle Access Form for Non-U.Va. Employees submitted by your ISP advisor.

For those of you who:

you will receive an individual email message when those tasks have been completed. If you think you have met the all of the requirements, but did not receive the Oracle access email message, please check with your supervisor, or contact Carole Horwitz at

First Things First
Before you can follow the instructions in the Oracle access message, you will have to do the following:

  • Load the Jinitiator
  • Download and install the VPN
  • Create your VPN account
  • Logon to the VPN

Click here for information on how to download and install the VPN and set up your VPN account. For assistance, check with your technical support person or call the ITC help desk at 924-3731.

Bookmark the Integrated System website!!!
Be sure to enter the Integrated System via the Integrated System homepage ( That is the only way you will see important notices regarding

  • System/server news about system availability
  • Hot tips, questions, problems, and solutions that will be featured on the homepage.

New and Updated University Policies and Procedures Available
The central financial departments have taken the Integrated System implementation as an opportunity to review University policies and procedures, not only to comply with the new Oracle system, but to update them to reflect current University practices. The revisions that have been completed to date have been incorporated into the Financial and Administrative Policies and Procedures website at

To identify those that are new or have been revised, look for the "alert" symbol (an orange triangle with an exclamation in the center) in the table of contents. Additional items that will be revised are also noted in the table of contents.

Where do I go for help?
Once you log on to the Integrated System, if you get stuck, do the following, in this order:

1. Breathe deeply
2. Check your on-line procedures
3. Check the on-line Frequently Asked Questions
4. Ask your area's subject matter expert
5. Call for help.
For questions about the Oracle applications, call the Integrated System Customer Support Center (243-7550). Available beginning 7:30 a.m. July 9. Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For all desktop and computer related inquiries, call the ITC Help Desk (924-3731). If you are uncertain which number to call, call the Customer Support Center, and they will be able to direct your questions to the right place.
6. Continue to breathe deeply.



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Number 1: Breathe deeply.

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