Statement of Current Funds Revenues, Expenditures, and Other Changes

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For the Year Ended June 30, 1994 With Comparative Figures for 1993 (in thousands)
 Year Ended June 30, 1994 Year Ended June 30, 1993*
 Unrestricted Restricted Total Total
Student Tuition and Fees$121,179$007,989$129,168$115,827
State Appropriations--Medical Center13,307 --13,30722,890
State Appropriations--Academic Operations106,10712,031118,138114,157
Federal Grants and Contracts23,65877,611101,26989,284
State Grants and Contracts723,4843,5563,784
Local Grants and Contracts-- 1 17
Private Gifts, Grants, and Contracts3,651 68,403 72,054 66,863
Endowment Income 6,58615,86522,45122,586
Sales and Services of Educational Departments 5,595 -- 5,595 4,946
Sales and Services of Auxiliary Enterprises65,316 --65,31659,373
Sales and Services of Medical Center352,069 --352,069336,826
Other Sources9,91129,91312,419
Total Current Revenues 707,451185,386892,837 848,962
Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers
Educational and General
Instruction119,66138,325 157,986151,029
Research8,88691,960 100,84688,305
Public Service5,07012,873 17,94315,736
Academic Support50,7123,92754,63948,820
Student Services14,128317 14,44513,722
Institutional Support26,3939426,48726,601
Operation and Maintenance of Plant25,58824925,83723,880
Scholarships and Fellowships 13,27136,85250,12345,135
Total Educational and General Expenditures263,709184,597448,306413,228
Mandatory Transfers for Debt Service and Other2,554212,5753,621
Total Educational and General Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers266,263184,618450,881416,849
Auxiliary Enterprises
Operating Expenditures49,11228349,39543,807
Mandatory Transfers for Debt Service6,536 --6,5366,319
Total Auxiliary Enterprises Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers 55,648283 55,93150,126
Medical Center
Operating Expenditures335,658485336,143321,223
Mandatory Transfers for Debt Service21,253 --21,25321,912
Total Medical Center Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers356,911485357,396343,135
Total Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers678,822185,386864,208810,110
Other Transfers and Additions/(Deductions)
Excess of Restricted Receipts over Transfers to Revenues--(930)(930)7,624
Refunded to Grantors--(310) (310) --
Non-Mandatory Transfers
(To)/From Endowment and Similar Funds3,2944,6647,958 --
(To)/From Loan Funds 16(417)(401) --
(To)/From Plant Funds(15,740)(3,465)(19,205)(21,977)
Total Other Transfers and Additions/(Deductions) (12,430)(458) (12,888)(14,353)
Net Increase/(Decrease) for the Year before Extraordinary Loss16,199 (458) 15,74124,499
Extraordinary Loss-- -- -- (329)
Net Increase/(Decrease) in Fund Balances$ 16,199$ (458)$ 15,741 $ 24,170

*Certain 1993 amounts have been restated to conform to 1994 classifications. The accompanying Notes to Financial Statements are an integral part of this statement.

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