The 2013 U.VA. President’s Report

The Grounds for Leadership


From the President
Read President Theresa Sullivan, University of Virginia


A sense of who we are

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The University Library reinvents access to knowledge.

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U.Va.’s architecture and design embody its founding ideals.

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Students live in the newest, as well as some of the oldest, places on Grounds.
Read Ezekiel Reed


What it means to be a student

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Any time you interact with people outside your comfort zone, you learn about yourself.

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You have to learn how to problem-solve in the moment.

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The direct impact I could have on people was the deciding factor.
Read Erik Williams


When bright minds work together

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Learning about mathematics and technology through practical applications.

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What to do with enormous amounts of data?

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U.Va. tests new materials for tomorrow’s technologies.
Read A High Degree of Performance


When faculty and students interact

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Research provides an opportunity for students to appreciate the utility of the principles they study.

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Once you have the question clearly in mind, it’s easier to go after it.

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The Oxford program has become a gateway to studying abroad in more challenging locations.
Read Annie O’Brien

At a Glance

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Enrollment, 2013-2014

  • 14,898 Undergraduate
  • 6,340 Graduate
Pie chart 21,238
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Year in Review

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About the 2013 President’s Report

The President’s Report highlights many of the latest endeavors undertaken by U.Va. faculty, staff, and students during the past year—work that distinguishes the University as a place for leadership in scholarship, teaching, and public service.

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