University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification Mission Statement

This page was last updated in 2012. It remains online as an archival record. Process Simplification was subsumed into the Organizational Excellence initiative.

Process Simplification (PS) enables University employees to work more efficiently and effectively, serves as a catalyst for change, encourages new ideas, and eliminates barriers to progress.

Process Simplification seeks to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of processes that affect faculty, staff, and students and to build institutional capacity for continuous improvement efforts.  In support of the University’s mission, academic and administrative units form partnerships to create, maintain, and continuously improve processes that:

  • offer unprecedented levels of service;
  • enhance the quality of work life and educational experiences of faculty, staff, and students;
  • empower employees to perform meaningful, productive work.

As a result, the outcomes of Process Simplification include improved quality of a service; improved users understanding about a service; simplification of the steps required to complete a transaction; elimination of unnecessary duplication of effort; optimization of available resources; usage of technology to support an activity; and improved communication across units supporting a process.

PS methods:

  • involve process owners in the creative process;
  • involve front-line employees in solving problems;
  • provide a mechanism for customer input;
  • leverage cross-functional project teams;
  • employ a variety of improvement and organizational change tools; and
  • address relational aspects of change.
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