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Degree Audit Reporting System Team (DARS)

The Student Enrollment Services Process Owners Group (SESPOG) named a DARS implementation team in September 2001 for the purpose of ensuring that DARS would be ready for University community use by the fall of 2002. In addition to replacing the Programmed Academic and Curriculum Evaluation (PACE), it was believed that DARS would dramatically improve the quality and accessibility of information regarding course requirements for a degree, by major/program of study in an online environment. The vision was immediate access by prospective and current students as well as faculty and staff by fall of 2002. SESPOG worked from the assumption that the DARS software and associated implementation to replace PACE was funded.

The DARS team, originally charged to make sure processes were in place for a successful project, transitioned back to design work when it was determined that resources were not in place for an implementation. As the team continued to develop a recommendation for an implementation plan and associated budget, it became evident that the resources needed to implement the full vision are significantly greater than originally estimated. The team developed a proposal that describes the options available to the University and the estimated costs associated with each option. The proposal is currently under consideration by the Integrated Systems Project/Process Simplification Steering Committee and the Office of the Vice President and Provost.

DARS Design Team

Bill Dunn, ITC
Rebecca Garver, Registrar
Miles Gibson, Process Simplification
Lindsay Kidd, ITC
Ce Kimata, ITC
Laura Knott, ITC
Kevin McClain, ITC
Debbie Mills, ITC
Don Reynard, ITC
Nancy Rivers, Office of the Vice President for Management and Budget
Debbie Shiflett, Registrar
Carol Stash Stanley, Registrar
Maynard Wood, ITC

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