University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification

Student Systems Project Undergraduate Admission Module

For nearly 10 years, the University of Virginia has been engaged in an effort to replace disparate and obsolete administrative systems with an enterprise-wide, integrated system, consistent with the University’s strategic vision. Currently in its third phase, the Integrated System Project (SSP) will replace ISIS (the current system of record) and will create the University’s new system of record for admission, student finance, registration and records. It is expected that the new system will provide greater functionality, accuracy, depth of information, consistency, and security centrally than is possible in current shadow or supporting student systems across the University and, therefore, provide significant benefit to all participants.

In order to create and provide greater functionality, accuracy and consistency, Susan Barr, Director for the SSP has requested the support of Process Simplification (PS) for the undergrad admissions (UG Admin) module. UG Admin currently manages prospect and recruitment records, and all administrative functions associated with student admissions in general. The support provided by PS will be in an advisory capacity and include a review of the existing documentation associated with “As-Is” processes and workflows and provide support in the development of the “To-Be” process.

Team Members

Tracy Pettit, Team Lead, Admission Team, Student Systems Project (SSP)
Marianne Kosiewicz, Associate Dean Of Admissions
Jennifer Meyer, Functional Analyst, SSP
Karen Spitzer, Technical Analyst, SSP
Lynn Walker, Functional Analyst, SSP
Kevin Gele, Consultant
Nannette Keenan, Manager, Process Simplification

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