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The Fall and Summer 2017 schedule of classes (class search) will be available for viewing on March 10th.
Students will be able to view their Fall and Summer 2017 enrollment times, and add courses to their shopping cart beginning on March 17th.

UREG: U.Va. Registrar's Office University Registrat at U.Va.

Course Forms

Instructions Course Forms Information and instructions for Course Catalog Forms
Course Catalog Information (CCI) Form (.doc)
Course Catalog Information (CCI) Form
CCI Form is used for creating, (in)activating, or modifying permanent courses
Course Catalog One Time Offering (CCO) Form (.doc)
Course Catalog One Time Offering (CCO) Form
CCO Form is used for creating one/first time offerings
Course Catalog Topics (CCT) Form (.doc)
Course Catalog Topics (CCT) Form
CCT Form is used for creating topics courses
Core Competency Form (CCF)
- Definitions
CCF Form is used for adding core competencies to a course
Course Numbering Scheme Review of the Course Numbering Scheme in SIS
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