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UREG: U.Va. Registrar's Office University Registrat at U.Va.

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Enrollment & Deadlines Information

Spring TermsFall Terms
2016 Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines
2015 Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines
2014 Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines
2013 Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines
2012 Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Enrollment Information | Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines

School Contact Meeting Minutes

11-10-16 Libra 2 Update, SFS, Grading for 1168, December Degree Conferral, Intermediate Honor, Enrollment for 1171/117, and more
10-13-16 Health insurance charges/due date, Financial aid for AY 2017-18, Returning to the University, Term Activation Summary, and more
09-08-16 SFS/UREG – Fall 2016 Cancellation Summary, Student Health Insurance (Hard Waiver), Loan Deferment and Clearinghouse Reporting, Schedule of Classes Update, Grading, and more
08-11-16 SFS, Milestones, Unofficial Financial Aid Withdrawals, Libra 2 Demonstration, Graduation, UREG Updates and more.
07-14-16 SFS, Cancellation, Graduation, Orientation, Enrollment, The RECORD, Schedule of Classes, Dynamic Dating and more.
06-09-16 SFS, Communication plan, UG Academic Level changes for New Transfer Students, Academic Levels for the Graduate Career, Degree Conferral debriefing and August Degree Conferral dates, and more.
05-12-16 SFS, Spring Rosters/Grades, Graduation / Degree Conferral , CeDiploma Presentation , The RECORD Audit , and Academic Level.
04-14-16 SFS Graduate Student Status, Enrollment Status, Degree Candidates Charges, Spring Rosters/Grades, Summer / Fall 2016 Enrollment, Summer Orientation, and more.
03-10-16 SFS, May Graduation, CeDiplomas, Fall and Summer Enrollment, Term Activation, Grading/Records Updates, Acalog Training, SIS Access, and more.
02-11-16 Spring 2016 Cancellation Results, SFS, Graduation / Finals Program , Fall 2015, J-Term and other Grading Issues, Record Update, CCI/CCT Forms , and Course Catalog/Schedule of Classes Training.
01-14-16 Impact of Academic Level on Entering Transfer Students, Spring 2016 Cancellation Process , 125% Rule, and more.
12-10-15 New UREG Staff, SFS, Grading, December Degree Conferral, J-Term and Spring Enrollment, and more.
11-12-15 SFS, Intermediate Honors, Enrollment for 1161/1162, Scheduling & making changes after SOC goes live, and more
10-08-15 SFS General Information, UREG transition, Importance of Deadlines, Outstanding Grades, J-Term and Spring 2016 Enrollment
09-10-15 SFS/UREG Fall 15 Cancellation process, SOC/Academic Calendar/Veterans Benefits/Intermediate Honors/Degree Conferral update, and more
08-13-15 Personnel Update, SFS update, FERPA Training Module, Orientation – Open Enrollment, Enrollment Issues, Fall Cancellation Timeline, and more
07-09-15 Entrepreneurship Minor, Teaching Assistants Setup in SIS, Graduation, VA Certifiation Status, Academic Level Updating, and 2015-2016 Record
06-11-15 Student Health - Hard Waiver, SIS Bundle, Graduation Recap, 2015-2016 Record, and Academic Level Training
04-09-15 Spring Roster/Grades, Summer/Fall 2015 Enrollment, 2015-2016 Record, Graduation/Degree Conferral, SIS, Summer Orientation, and Academic Level Training
03-12-15 Cancellation, Graduation/Degree Conferral, Grading, SOC, Enrollment, SIS, Transfer Policy, Record, and Cancellation/Block Emails Examples
02-12-15 Cancellation, Graduation/Degree Conferral, Grading, Academic Calendar, SIS, and Cancellation/Block Emails Examples
01-08-15 Cancellation, Graduation/Degree Conferral, Grading, The Record, and SIS



Add Second Career Number Form This form is used to add a second career number in SIS for students currently enrolled and in ‘Applied Status’ for the current term going on from one degree program (masters) to a another program (PHD)
Applicant Name Change Form Admission offices only; new applicants that were former students
Course Action Form Course Action Form is used by the dean offices and departments after the add/drop date each semester
Course Catalog Information (CCI) Form
- Instructions
CCI Form is used to send changes to the SIS Course Catalog approved by CEPC
Course Numbering Scheme Review of the Course Numbering Scheme in SIS
Course Catalog Topics (CCT) Form
Course Catalog Topics (CCT) Spreadsheet CCT Spreadsheet is used to submit multiple topics at the same time to update in SIS
Core Competency Form
- Definitions
Name/ID Number Change Form Name changes are for currently enrolled students in SIS only (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Room Attribute Form


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