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Certification Timeline

Information on expected timelines and deadlines Chapter 33
Post 9/11 GI Bill
Chapter 30 Chapter 35 Chapter 1606
4-6 weeks before the start of classes
Submit the Veterans' Educational Benefits Request Form
Enrollment certification begins.

Initiates your MHA payments
A Positive Service Indicator is placed on student’s account by Student Financial Services.
Bills available on the Student Information System.
1-2 weeks before the start of classes
Other aid (loans, grants, etc.) is disbursed to student account.
Student pays charges not covered by the VA.
Payment is due.
Am I required to pre-pay the tuition I expect my benefits to cover?
During the Add/Drop Period
Report any changes in enrollment by emailing the Veterans' Affairs Coordinator
4-6 weeks after the start of classes
Certifications updated with tuition information.
What amount will be reported to the VA for my tuition and fees?
Student begins to receive monthly payments from the VA.

Expecting kicker payments?

Expecting kicker payments?
Student begins to receive Monthly Housing Allowance
(Active duty students and those attending less than half-time are not eligible for MHA.)
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