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We are aware that there is a backlog with the VA which is causing a significant delay in payments.

If you are a student with a financial hardship because of delays with your housing payment, please notify the VA by using the GI Bill website at When submitting a message, please include the student’s first and last name, Date of Birth, and the last four digits of his or her Social Security Number.

If you would like to have an estimated date of payment, you will need to contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551. Unfortunately, our office is not aware of when payments will be disbursed by the VA.

Veterans' Educational Benefits

Our purpose is to ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of the academic records of the University.

Our goal is to support active duty service members, veterans, reservists, guardsmen, and dependents in pursuing their academic and professional goals by assisting them in maximizing the use of their educational benefits at the University.  We strive to be a military and veteran friendly university.

The VA Certifying Official for the University of Virginia:

  1. Serves as a liaison between students and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, State Approving Agency, and other stakeholders.
  2. Facilitates the certification of state and federal veterans’ educational benefits.
  3. Provides assistance with understanding the requirements for utilizing educational benefits at the university.
If you are called to active duty after the first day of term, please contact your School of Enrollment and consult the University's policy on Active Duty in the Uniformed Service.

The University of Virginia

Questions? Contact our Veterans' Affairs Coordinator.

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