Regulations Governing
the Procurement of Vaults in the Columbarium at the
University of Virginia Cemetery

The following shall be eligible to procure vaults in the Columbarium of the University of Virginia Cemetery:

  1. Full-time and retired faculty of the University.
  2. Active and former members of the Board of Visitors.
  3. Alumni of the University as determined by the Alumni Board of Managers. Unless otherwise determined from time to time by the Cemetery Committee, no more than 30% of the available vaults should be reserved for this category.
  4. Friends, staff with a minimum of 30 years of service, and students of the University on the basis of distinguished service to the University as determined by the Cemetery Committee.
  5. Individuals on behalf of members (living and dead) of the above classes.

The following regulations will govern the procurement of vaults:

  1. Initially, a purchaser shall only be permitted to buy one vault.
  2. The Licensee may use the vault as a memorial instead of using it to inter ashes.
  3. A vault not used within one hundred (100) years shall revert to the University for future sale.
  4. If the Licensee elects not to utilize the vault in accordance with the agreement, the University will make reasonable efforts to license the vault to another eligible licensee, and, on doing so, return the license fee, in the amount originally paid, to the Licensee or Licensee's executors or beneficiaries of the estate.