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President's Commission for the Fine and Performing Arts

February 16, 1999


  1. President John Casteen -- Remarks.
  2. Question and Answer Session

    If time - discussion of the following (and I realize that there might not have been sufficient time to complete the tasks assigned last week - if not we will table the incomplete reports until our next meeting).

  3. Phyllis Leffler - Admissions Office Question
  4. Julian Connolly - Financial Aid/Scholarship Question
  5. Questions for Arts Chairs re. Their current programs including Architecture.
  6. Report from Lear DeBessonet and Samantha Beer - re. Plan for involvement of students.
  7. Report on plans for community involvement - Beth Sutton.
  8. Wayne Cozart - Plan for involvement of alumni.
  9. Discussion of benchmark programs - chairs of programs + Fine Arts and Music libraries.
  10. Discussion questions and concerns posed by Jane Penner and Jack Robertson re. The Arts libraries.
  11. Discussion on plan of attack - working out a step-by-step process.
  12. Discussion re. Topic for national conference.


DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments