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Fine and Performing Arts Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

February 2, 1999


Introduction of Members of Commission.

Introductory Remarks - Bob Chapel, Chair of Commission.

Discussion of Central Tasks of Commission and Discussion of Implementation of Tasks.

  1. Determine our aspirations - what are our dreams?
  1. History of Art/Studio Art
  2. Drama - B.A./M.F.A.
  3. Music - Academic Program -- (Composition, Theory, History, Ethnomusicology, Ph.D. Program) and Performance Program
  4. Arts' Libraries - Fine Arts Library/Music Library
  5. Film and Media Studies
  6. Architecture
  7. Creative Writing
  8. Interdisciplinary Programs

    2. What is it that makes each department unique?
    3. Who should we compare ourselves to?
    4. What will it take to achieve our goals in this area?

Assessment of Programs –

Is this necessary?
If so, who does this assessment?
How should the Commission be involved in this?

How do we best involve the Arts' faculties in this study?

How does the world perceive UVA in regards to the Arts and how do we want it to be perceived?

Discussion re. Citizen's Advisory Committee - How soon do we bring them in and how can we best involve them? How important are the Arts to the ENTIRE community- not just to the University community? How important a consideration is this?

Discussion - What is your opinion of our Arts programs and departments?

What would you like to regularly see that you do not regularly (or ever) see?

What programs do not exist that you feel should exist?

Guest Speakers to Commission -- Who? What topics? For what purpose?

Discussion of Benchmarks Programs and Potential Visits.

Individual Commission Task Forces -- How best to use them?

How do we best involve the students?

Venues - discussion of the Arts' Precinct Site Plan - what, if anything, is missing? What does this plan allow us to do and what does it allow us not to do?

How are we best served by hosting a national conference or two national conferences on the Arts? When is the best time - during this on-going process or near the end as a summation of what we have gleaned?

What else do we need to place on this on-going agenda?


DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments