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Fine and Performing Arts Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 20, 1999


Robert Chapel (Chair), Samantha Beer, Marcia Day Childress, Julian Connolly, James Cooper, Wayne Cozart, Dean Dass, Edward Davis, Lisa Lear DeBessonet, Joan Fry, George Garrett, Larry Goedde, Jeff Hantman, Jill Hartz, Richard Herskowitz, Denise Karaoli, Judith Kinnard, Phyllis Leffler, Marita McClymonds, Jane Penner, Jack Robertson, George Sampson, Bill Sublette, and Beth Sutton.

Meeting Summary:

Mr. Chapel announced that the commission’s fall retreat will be held at the Boar’s Head Inn on October eighth and ninth. Commission members are to identify the benchmark program leaders they wish to invite to participate. Lear DeBessonet and Samantha Beer are refining the student subcommittee wish lists. Phyllis Leffler is finalizing membership on the subcommittee on integrating the arts into the wider curriculum. Bill Sublette reported interest in a publication devoted to the arts and will work with arts chairs to identify sustained funding for it. Judith Kinnard suggested forming a subcommittee to coordinate the planning of buildings in the arts precinct. Beth Sutton has met with Wachovia Bank officials to discuss the possibility of exhibiting University of Virginia art in their new bank.

Jill Hartz completed her report on the Bayly Museum and the accreditation process. The museum’s programs are strong. Inadequate space and lack of climate control are the greatest impediments to accreditation. Ms. Hartz wants to strengthen the museum’s support of the University curriculum, start a museum internship program, start a conservation program, find new storage space, increase publications, and build corporate and foundation relationships.

Bob Chapel reported on the program in drama, which also seeks accreditation. He discussed its three-part mission, its productions, its enrollments in the bachelor’s and master’s programs, and graduates’ successes. The facilities are quite good and graduate stipends are very competitive. He enumerated the faculty and staff and their strengths, and listed the areas where drama needs more faculty and staff support, primarily in the technical and directing areas. He would like to expand the graduate program and the guest artist program. Mr. Chapel supports adding a program in dance. He described the University of Michigan’s combined University Productions organization, which is separate from the academic program. The commission discussed inviting to the retreat Paul Boylan, provost of the arts at Michigan, as well as heads of arts programs that are housed in academic programs and heads of arts programs that have recently been upgraded. The object is to learn from these disparate and successful experiences.


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