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Fine and Performing Arts Commission

September 21, 1999



  1. Further Discussion Stemming from our last meeting—
  2. Judith Shatin

    Dean Dass


    Retreat Planning


  3. Discussion re. Overall goals for the retreat—
  4. What do we want to accomplish? Make a list.

  5. What specific questions other than those already posed to our guests do we want to ask?
  6. Art




    Media Studies/Media Arts

  7. Other topics to discuss or questions re. Retreat?
  8. Next meeting – October 5 canceled for everyone except: Bob Chapel, Dean Dass (Larry Goedde), Judith Shatin, Marita McClymonds, Jill Hartz, Richard Herskowitz, Johanna Drucker, Joan Fry, Denise Karaoli, James Scales.
  9. The purpose of this meeting is to plan the specifics for the retreat sessions.

  10. Retreat: October 8 and 9, 1999, Boar’s Head Inn.

I hope all of you can attend as many sessions as possible and, of course, the dinner on Friday evening.


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