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1998 All-University Planning Retreat Agenda

September 18, 1998
School of Law


1:00 Opening Remarks – President Casteen and Donald Kennedy, president emeritus and Bing Professor of Environmental Sciences, Stanford University

Room: Withers-Brown Hall Room 104


2:00 Focus Groups – Session I

(Note all rooms are in Withers-Brown Hall)

    bullet.gif (176 bytes)  Fine and performing arts (Room 104)
    bullet.gif (176 bytes)  Sciences (Room 152)
    bullet.gif (176 bytes)  Public service and outreach (Room 154)
    bullet.gif (176 bytes)  International Programs (Room 102)

Sample questions for discussion:

1. What are our aspirations in this area?
2. Who should we compare ourselves to?
3. What will it take to achieve our goals in this area?

3:30 Break

4:00 Focus Groups – Session II

(Participants attend a second focus group from list above. Rooms are the same as in Session I.)

5:30 Break – depart for working dinner at Carr’s Hill

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Retreat summary and closing remarks – President Casteen

    What have we learned?
    Topics we didn’t get to
    How will retreat feedback be used?
    Where do we go from here?

8:30 Retreat concludes


DocumentsProgress ReportsMeetingsPeopleYour Comments