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Brantly Womack
Draft #2

The Purpose and Goals of International Activities
at the University of Virginia

You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. --Thomas Jefferson

The University’s international activities provide the ultimate horizons of its general purpose of enriching the mind. The spirit of free inquiry fostered by the University and its founder is stimulated by including different peoples and cultural traditions and by the challenge of framing its tasks in global dimensions. Moreover, the University is a member of a world community of scholarship that is increasingly interactive. Its eminence as a center of higher learning depends on its multifaceted participation in a global academic matrix. The purpose of international activities is to situate the University in the framework of its greatest potential, to challenge its students and scholars to extend their own horizons of growth and inquiry, and to welcome international students and scholars.


To encourage students across the University to include study abroad in their educational plans.

To encourage members of the faculty to pursue their research, teaching and service interests in a global framework.

To plan the curriculum of the University so that students become familiar with a variety of cultural perspectives and are encouraged to explore subjects in a global framework.

To make available language programs of quality, variety and depth, and to integrate language learning with the rest of the curriculum.

To make available electronic informational and interactive resources.

To welcome international students as integral and valued members of the academical village, and to provide for their special needs and interests.

To invite international scholars to participate in research at the University, and to facilitate their stay.

To join with international academic institutions in agreements that encourage the free movement of students and scholars.

To engage in programs abroad that further the internationalization of the University’s general mission.

To promote the integration and coordination of international resources across the University, and to encourage their expansion.


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