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International Activities Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes
February 11, 1999

Attendees: Brantly Womack, Chair, Julian Bivins, Jr, Gordon Burris, Kandioura Drame, Janet Horne, Herbert Braun, Daniel Ehnbom, Les Grayson, Richard Guerrant, William Jackson, Chinh Quang Le, Allen Lynch, David Larue, Courtland Lee, David Martin, Jon Mikalson, Farzaneh, Milani, David Newsom, Barbara Nolan, Duane Osheim, Len Schoppa, William Quandt, Theo van Groll, John Woodworth, Desiree Yang

Also in Attendance: John T. Casteen III, Denise Karaoli, Chris Roper

Meeting Summary:

This was the Commission’s second meeting. The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by President John T Casteen III in which he reviewed the charge to the Commission and gave his perceptions of possible international activity for the University. President Casteen gave an overview of the evolution of the four planning commissions and its relationship to the Capital Campaign. He stated that the University has much international activity but that these efforts need greater coordination. The President charged the Commission with generating a set of strategic assumptions related to overseas study sites that would facilitate study-abroad programs. He asked the Commission to consider where overseas UVA should be looking for such sites. He also asked the Commission to consider what universities UVA should be comparing itself to in terms of international activity. The President directed that any ideas for international activity that are generated by the Commission should be well-grounded with empirical evidence and have dollar figures attached to them. The remainder of the meeting was spent organizing the five task groups that will carry on Commission work between meetings.

Pending Action Items:

By the next Commission meeting, each of the five task groups will meet to develop its agenda, decide on peer institutions for benchmarking and decide upon the relevant metrics for carrying out the benchmarking.


Next Commission Meeting: Thursday March 25, 8:30-10:00, Peabody Hall 106.


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