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Crafting a Vision Statement for Public Service and Outreach
Phase I—Summary of Retreat Brainstorming

This document attempts to summarize phrases and thoughts from the wall sheets created by the small groups during our February 23, 2000 retreat.

Thoughts on Language

"Our/Your" University vs. "The" University. Also suggested was "The Public University." Consensus seemed to be against the use of "The University."

What is "community?" What is the definition of a community "well served?" What do we consider the "university community?"

Commonwealth vs. Common Wealth

Values: What would we like to be known for?
  1. Excellence—world-class model in what we do
  2. Accessibility/openness
  3. Symbiotic community relationship
  4. Responsiveness to public needs & problems
  5. Lifelong learning
  6. Citizenship
  7. Leadership
  8. Individual success
  9. Community success
Aspirations Statements for the Year 2020

These aspiration statements attempt to capture what we’d like to be able to say (or have others say) about the University of Virginia in 2020. As you read the statements, please help the commission move forward by doing three things:

  • Clarify any misinterpretations that contradict what you remember from your small group’s discussion. Keep in mind that some of the statements reflect the work of several small groups and may not be worded exactly as you remember.
  • Add important concepts not currently listed.
  • Identify the three statements that strike you as most powerful and most significant. If we could only say three things about the University of Virginia in 2020, what should those three things be?
  1. The University of Virginia is the premier public university engaged in improving the health, educational, and economic well being of all people.
  2. The University of Virginia empowers the citizens of Virginia to pursue their dreams by helping them realize their potential.
  3. The University of Virginia engages with the global community to combat poverty, ignorance, injustice, crime, and disease.
  4. The University of Virginia is a good neighbor to its local and state communities.
  5. The University of Virginia inspires the desire for lifelong learning and service in its graduates by providing service-learning opportunities for students in all academic disciplines.
  6. The University of Virginia, through its focused public service efforts, ensures that the citizens of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth enjoy a quality of life second to no other community in the United States.
  7. Citizens of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia take pride in the University of Virginia; they feel connected to its work and recognize its contributions to public life.
  8. The higher education community in Virginia, including other universities, colleges, and community colleges, sees the University of Virginia as a partner in creating, applying, and disseminating new knowledge and technology to address important social issues.
  9. Our society is wiser, healthier, richer, and more peaceful because of the work of the faculty, students, staff, and alumni of the University of Virginia.
  10. Public service at the University of Virginia is delivered at the same world-class level as teaching and research.
  11. The University of Virginia saves and improves lives.
  12. The University of Virginia is an open resource, accessible and responsive to a diverse public of all ages, races, and backgrounds.
  13. The University of Virginia has taken strategic and courageous actions to counter its own history and has worked to remove the barriers that prevent individuals and communities from improving their quality of life.
  14. The University of Virginia creates moral, passionate citizen-leaders who are committed to influencing and shaping society positively.
  15. The University of Virginia is a leader in shaping public policy and employing it to address society’s most pressing problems.
  16. Teaching, research, and service are so comprehensively integrated that all are highly valued and rewarded.
  17. The University of Virginia’s innovative, responsive leadership through service makes it worthy of public and private investment.
  18. The University of Virginia is globally recognized for expertise and engagement in public issues.
  19. As a flagship institution in the Commonwealth, the University of Virginia assumes moral responsibility for leadership and ethics in public policy.


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