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Five Exploratory Groups for PS&O Commission

Big Questions that May Be Relevant for All Groups
  • What are the needs of the various groups of our public?
  • Why should the institution value public service?
  • What is the institution’s responsibility to the public?
  • What is our vision for (insert focus of each group)?
1.Toward a University-Wide Strategic Plan
  • In what areas are our current programs concentrated?
  • In what areas are our current programs minimal or nonexistent?
  • In what disciplines is public service most/not appropriate?
  • What areas can be proposed as priorities for 2020?
  • What areas should be eliminated or unsupported?
  • How might partnerships with other entities (businesses, other colleges and universities, non-profit groups, etc.) enhance or strengthen the University’s contributions to public life?
2.Public Relations & Communications
  • Do we test the assumption that U.Va. is suffering negative public opinion?
  • Does the local community feel a sense of ownership and pride for U.Va.?
  • How do we recognize and acknowledge what the community has done for us?
  • How do we best distinguish between relations with different kinds of publics?
  • What new communication structures and approaches can we identify?
3.Administrative Structures and Resources
  • How can the University’s explicit mission statements regarding public service be implemented more systematically and visibly throughout the departments and schools?
  • How much are grants/contracts driving our public service efforts and what are the implications of such a ‘structure’?
  • What administrative and funding structures exist throughout the institution to support public service?
  • What goals for public service exist throughout the units of this institution and how well are existing structures serving those goals?
  • Should funds be earmarked for public service? How could this be done?
4.Volunteer Service
  • Why should we value volunteer service of students, faculty, and staff?
  • What mechanisms currently encourage and support volunteer service?
  • Are these mechanisms adequate and, if not, what do we propose?
  • How can we more effectively convey the magnitude of volunteer services performed at this institution?
  • How does/should service learning enhance the educational experience of students and faculty?
5.Reward Structures for Faculty Service
  • How does/can faculty service enhance the teaching and research functions of a department?
  • What barriers exist to rewarding faculty service?
  • Can faculty service be rewarded through existing processes/structures?
  • Would other processes or structures be more effective?
  • What incentives can be developed to encourage new faculty service? What rewards can be developed to recognize current faculty service?


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