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Public Service and Outreach
March 8, 2000
Meeting Agenda

 1. Vision Retreat Follow-Up
  • I have attached a summary of the phrases and thoughts from the wall sheets created at our February 23 retreat ("Vision Language"). We are asking you to make additions and corrections to this compilation. In addition, we will poll the Commission membership to identify those statements receiving greatest support.
2. Updates & Timelines
  • Interviews of Local External Groups (February -- May)
  • John Thomas will give us a brief summary of these activities. I have attached a listing of our interview volunteers and target groups ("PS Interviews").
  • Additional Recommendations from Exploratory Groups (March -- May)
  • John Echeverri-Gent will give us a taste of new actions from his recent group meetings. Other groups will have an opportunity later for revisions or additions to earlier reports.
  • Communication & Funding Actions & Strategies Updates (Additions to February 29 email attached as "PS Actions")
  • Visits & Continued Study of Benchmarks and Gap Analysis (March -- May)
  • Drafts of Commission's Final Report for Discussion and Editing among Commission members (March & April, 2000)
  • Drafts to President Casteen and Senior University Leadership (May, 2000)
  • Revisions based on A through F (Summer, 2000)
  • The Commission on Public Service and Outreach will present its final report and hold an event to mark the end of this planning phase (Fall, 2000)
DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments