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Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission
12/1/99 Meeting Agenda
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Newcomb Hall, Room 389

1. Status Report (Continued)

I am attaching an edited draft of the report we will be discussing. As you recall from our last meeting, this report will be shared with President Casteen, the vice presidents, deans, and other university leadership at a December 13 workshop regarding the status of the commissions' work. Our report reflects the work of our exploratory groups, commission meetings, informal focus groups, and additional information provided by our consultants, our visits to conferences, and our research. I have incorporated the suggestions received thus far (please check to see if your suggestion has been noted), and have been intentionally bold in some cases in order to stimulate discussion and identify our areas of consensus. I also have tried to weave common themes into major recommendations, but may be omitting or de-emphasizing issues that should be addressed. Please read this brief summary document (you already have the supporting documents) and come ready to discuss (and improve) it Wednesday with your additions, corrections, etc. Thanks to all who have already sent suggestions for our discussion.

2. Winter Tasks (Continued)

We want to survey your preferences with regard to our continuing work in the following areas for January-March:

  1. Focus Groups
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Evaluation Metrics for Public Service
  4. Communications Plan


3. Loose Ends

Time permitting, we will have questions/comments/announcements about exploratory group updates and additional benchmark information.

DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments