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Science and Technology Agenda
(7:30AM in Newcomb Hall 389)

1. Unfair advantages -- recall that Tom Skalak and John Bean were going to check with the Deans and see what they thought that their unfair advantages were. This is a quick update on what has transpired

2. Organization -- both John Casteen and Peter Low emphasized that they wanted the Commission consider any new organizations that might make sense. Hayden Wadley will present a strawman proposal to get the discussion going.

3. <if there is time> We need to discuss how to bring the Commission to the point of a first draft set of recommendations. Of key importance is the issue of selecting areas. You have seen three excellent area discussions (environmental, proteomics, information technology core). This does not exhaust the set of --even at the top level -- attractive topics. So, what is the basis, and what is the process by which we come to closure -- hopefully efficiently!


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