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Science & Technology Commission
Meeting Minutes
October 12, 1999

Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), Suzanne Farnsworth, Ariel Gomez, John Herr, Stephanie Johnson, Bob Jones, Tom MacAvoy, Dick Merrill, Karen Parshall, Dennis Proffitt, Kevin Sullivan. Ex officio: Gene Block, Jeffrey Plank, Tim Sigmon, Dick Sundberg. Staff: Amy Cronin, Charlie Feigenoff, Brian Moriarity, Michelle Ritter, Fariss Samarrai.


Meeting Summary

Ms. Jones reviewed the outcomes of the Commission’s fall workshop. She noted a number of tasks to be completed this fall:

    • Review indirect funds – source and allocation
    • Review Academic Enhancement Program (AEP) – history, return on investment
    • Explore ratings/rankings of U.Va. units
    • Explore sources of seed funding
    • Ask schools for their unfair advantages (Skalak, Bean)

She also reviewed a number of presentations to be sought this fall to assist the Commission in its work:

    • Intellectual property – Patent Foundation (MacWright)
    • Land – Research Parks plan (Rose), Master Plan (Anderson)
    • Graduate Programs – Schnatterly, Owens, Plog, Thornton, others

In addition, three straw business cases will be developed:

    • Proteomics – Herr, Owens
    • Information Technology – Sullivan, Brown
    • Environment – Hornberger, Johnson

Mr. MacAvoy indicated a willingness to assist with the development of the business cases as needed.

The remainder of the meeting focused on a review of the white paper developed by Ms. Jones and Mr. Moriarity on indirect funds. A few key comments that emerged in the discussion of the report:

    • Need to review U.Va.’s process for negotiation of indirect payout rate with the Department of Health and Human Services. E.g., Gene Block’s office is not consulted.
    • Perhaps U.Va. should spend more on infrastructure now in order to better position itself for next round of negotiation with HHS (in 2001, using FY 2000-2001 figures). E.g., expenditures on technology.


Discussion Topics

  • Review of action items from the workshop
  • Report on Indirect Funds


Action Items

  • Begin development of straw business cases (see assignments above)
  • Redistribute information on program rankings (Cronin)


Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, October 26, 7:30-9:00 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389
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