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Science & Technology Commission

Meeting Minutes

November 9, 1999


Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), Janis Antonovics, John Bean, Don Brown, Ian Harrison, George Hornberger, Stephanie Johnson, Tom MacAvoy, Dick Merrill, John O’Connell, Karen Parshall, Dennis Proffitt. Ex officio: Jeffrey Plank, Tim Sigmon, Dick Sundberg, Haydn Wadley. Staff: Amy Cronin, Denise Karaoli, Brian Moriarity, Fariss Samarrai.

Meeting Summary

The Commission heard presentations and had discussion with Pete Anderson, University Architect, and Tim Rose, CEO of the U.Va. Foundation.

Mr. Anderson reviewed the University’s master plan, noting the core principles of the plan:

    • Extending the legacy
    • Linking the North Grounds with Central Grounds
    • Creating a walking environment
    • Encouraging mixed-use development
    • Serving the larger community

A number of options for future science and engineering buildings were discussed, among them:

    • E-3 parking lot, adjacent to Scott Stadium
    • B-1 parking lot on Jefferson Park Avenue
    • Kerchof Hall
    • Edgemont Road (extension of McCormick beyond Alderman)
    • West Main Street corridor

It was noted that all of these locations are contiguous to existing science and engineering locations.

Mr. Rose reviewed the development of the U.Va. Foundation’s two research parks – Fontaine and North Fork. He noted that the mission of the parks is to create an environment that fosters collaborative relationships between U.Va. and the private sector. The Fontaine Research Park has five of its seven building sites filled, with a combination of U.Va.-related offices (e.g., Health Services Foundation, University Development Office) and private-sector companies (e.g., AIMR, Multimedia Medical Systems). North Fork has three companies in residence – MicroAire Surgical Instruments, Motion Control, and PRA.

In the next 20 years, development in the research parks will result in 75 buildings, 3.5 million square feet of office/research space, and an investment of more than $450 million. North Fork alone will employ between eight and ten thousand people.

Members of the commission expressed concern about the feasibility of links with academic programs given the distance between North Fork and Central Grounds. Mr. Rose indicated this issue is being addressed through direct computer links. Shuttle service can be made available as appropriate also.

The urgent need for lab space also was discussed. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Rose agreed that a cost-effective facility could be developed, possibly by UVAF, in an area off the Central Grounds in a 12- to 18-month timeframe once land and funding are committed to such a project.

Discussion Topics

  • University’s master plan
  • Research Parks

Next Meeting

PLEASE NOTE that the Commission will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 23, from 7:30-9:00 a.m. in Newcomb Hall Room 389. This meeting will focus on seed funding for research and the Academic Enhancement Program. Please plan to attend!



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