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Science & Technology Commission
Meeting Minutes
March 23, 1999

Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), John Bean, Suzanne Farnsworth, Ian Harrison, John Herr, Jack Hudson, Stephanie Johnson, Karen Parshall, Sally Parsons, Dennis Proffitt, Tom Skalak, Kevin Sullivan, Erik Hewlett (ex officio), Dick Sundberg (ex officio), Haydn Wadley (ex officio). Staff: Denise Karaoli (VA 2020 project director), Amy Cronin (asst. to the president), Peggy Reed (asst. to Anita Jones), Fariss Samarrai (University Relations), Jeffrey Plank (director of corporate and foundation relations). Guests: Will Falk, Audre Gvildys (Health Sciences Center strategic planning consultants).

Meeting Summary:

Ms. Jones introduced Jeffrey Plank, who will serve as a resource for the commission on matters related to external funding sources (i.e., non-state funds). A draft work plan for the S&T Commission was distributed for members’ review. Ms. Jones presented the preliminary work plan at a meeting with President Casteen and the vice presidents. The plan covers the scope of the commission’s work, models of excellence that will be reviewed, quantitative data that will be developed to support the recommendations of the commission, plans for opportunity analysis and development of implementation strategies, and the need for a communications strategy.

Mr. Falk and Ms. Gvildys, representatives of CSC Healthcare, presented an overview of the strategic planning process. They noted that the work they have done for U.Va. Health Sciences assumes that we are operating in an environment of growth (i.e., increased funding available, especially from NIH). They discussed the importance of distinguishing between strategies (whether, how, and where to invest) and tactics (e.g., doing the basics well, removing constraints).

Mr. Falk proposed a number of questions that must be raised in developing strategies:

  • How to strike a balance between goal-oriented and serendipitous investments
  • Where to make investments/where not to invest
  • What are the links among missions, schools? How does the institution manage its portfolio of activity (i.e., research vs. education vs. service)
  • What are the cultural considerations that must be taken into account

In discussing tactics, Ms. Gvildys identified the following issues as critical: space constraints, faculty recruitment, faculty productivity, assessing the performance of core processes, and economics (i.e., can we afford it?).

Discussion Topics:

  • S&T Commission Work Plan
  • Overview of Strategic Planning by HSC consultants


Action Items:

  • Commission members to contact Ms. Jones re: task force assignment requests.

Next Meeting:

  • Tuesday, April 6, 7:30-9:00 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389


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