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Science & Technology Commission

Meeting Minutes

August 31, 1999


Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), Joe Cronin (consultant), John Bean, Ariel Gomez, John Herr, Stephanie Johnson, Bob Jones, John O’Connell, Karen Parshall, Dennis Proffitt, Erik Hewlett (ex officio), Dick Sundberg (ex officio). Staff: Denise Karaoli (VA2020 project director), Amy Cronin (asst. to the president), Fariss Samarrai (science writer, University Relations), Michele Ritter (VA2020 project assitant), Brian Moriarity (S&T Commission graduate assistant), Charlie Feigenoff (consultant/writer).

Meeting Summary

Ms. Jones discussed goals for the fall 1999 semester. First, to develop proposed strategies for science and technology that can be taken to the larger University community for discussion and feedback. A second goal is to begin to execute the decision-making process. She noted that the University’s decentralization requires that the Commission use structures that are in place to achieve its goals.

Ms. Jones noted that the Commission subgroups have been meeting over the summer. She reported for George Hornberger on the work of the Models Subgroup to plan the September 23-25 workshop. The workshop is called Models for Advancing Academic Excellence and will bring an outstanding group of speakers to Charlottesville. Ample discussion time has been provided throughout the program. Ms. Jones noted that the Saturday session is for Commission members only and will focus on capturing the best ideas from the workshop and formulating preliminary recommendations.

Dr. Gomez, chair of the Strategies Subgroup, reported on that group’s work to create a process for priority-setting and implementation. He noted that the development of priorities must be an on-going process with substantial faculty involvement. The Strategies Subgroup recommends a process that is highly flexible, emphasizes collaboration among schools and programs, and has measurable outcomes.

Discussion Topics

  • Fall 1999 Commission Goals
  • Models Subgroup Report: September 23-25 S&T Workshop
  • Strategies Subgroup Report

Action Items

Commission members to mark calendars for September 23-25 Workshop

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, September 14, 7:30-9:00 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389
  • Education and Information Technology Subgroups will report

NOTE: S&T Commission will not meet on Tues., Sept. 28 as previously scheduled.



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