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Bryan E.Garey

Bryan E. Garey

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P.O. Box 400127
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4127


Organization & Committees

Assistant Vice President (434) 924-4348
Director, Total Rewards (434) 924-8938
Director, Strategic Systems and Support (434) 924-6263
Interim Manager, Center for Leadership Excellence (434) 924-4485
Employee Relations Manager (434) 924-4417
Manager, HR Consulting Services (434) 924-4463

Benefits Committee

The Committee on Benefits serves in an advisory capacity to the President in matters related to benefits policies and programs for faculty and staff. The Committee studies and makes recommendations regarding benefits policies and programs and proposes an order of priority for any suggested changes. These recommendations will advance institutional and not constituent priorities.

The Committee, appointed by the Interim Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, consists of four University employees from each of the following groups:

  • Instructional Faculty
  • General Faculty
  • Staff
  • Health Care Professionals

The following serve as ex-officio members without term:

  • Interim Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Associate Chief of Human Resources (Health System)
  • Director of Total Rewards (Human Resources)
  • Medical Center Program Manager (Health System)
  • UVA Health Plan Ombudsman
  • Representatives from:
    • Office of Executive Vice President and Provost
    • UVA Health Services Foundation

Retirement Administrative Committee

The Retirement Administrative Committee (RAC) assures the program goals of the University of Virginia Retirement Program are met. The Board of Visitors has overall responsibility for the Program and delegates Program administration to the RAC. The Program Administrator is the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer; RAC members are appointed by the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

The Committee is authorized to:

  • Establish and maintain Investment Procedures (IP) to meet program goals for investment options
  • Review the investment performance of the various investment funds offered to participants not less frequently than semi-annually
  • At least annually:
    • Review the investment funds for compliance with the guidelines established in the Investment Procedures
    • Make deletions or changes in investment funds offered under the Program
    • Review expenses paid by the Plans to ensure that they are reasonable and necessary
    • Report to the Finance Committee or its Appointees
  • Oversee:
    • The professionals whose expertise is deemed by the contracting officer to be appropriate and necessary
    • The communications provided to Plan participants regarding the investment alternatives offered by the Plan
  • As necessary make revisions to the Investment Procedures to reflect changing conditions within the Plan, or to refine the Investment Procedures in order to make them more effective

The Program Administrator will generally be responsible for:

  • Administration of the Program
  • Oversight of the Plan Providers
  • Service to potential and current participants including, but not limited to:
    • Identifying the name, address, and phone number of the plan providers
    • Providing a general description of the investment alternatives available under the plan, and a general description of the investment objectives and risk and return characteristics of each alternative, including information relating to the type and diversification of assets comprising the portfolio of the designated investment alternative
    • Providing a description of transaction fees and expenses connected to purchases and sales
    • Providing a description of procedures established to provide confidentiality of information relating to investments in the Plan and without providing advice, direct employees to plan providers to access information and full plan provisions and benefits

Staff Senate

Staff Senate is the representative and deliberative voice for staff in matters relating to the University. It aspires to advance University excellence, to cultivate a positive and productive work environment for all, to support each staff member in the realization of his or her full potential, and to foster the highest possible quality of work life at the University. Staff Senate representatives consist of full-time or part-time staff who have been employed by UVa for a minimum of one year.