Application & Renewal Process

Where to Register?

Schedules I – V: requires both a DEA Registration and VBP Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) Certificate

Schedule VI only: VBP Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) Certificate

Obtaining a DEA Registration and VBP Registration Certificate requires an initial scheduled on-site inspection by an auditor from the VBP and possibly DEA. The VBP auditor has requested that as many inspections be scheduled together as possible for the sake of expediency.

NEW DEA Registration Application Instructions
  • DEA Form 225: Federal Controlled Substance Application – Signature from Procurement is embedded in this form and is required for tax exempt status
  • Fees: DEA Registration application and renewal fees are waived for tax exempt institutions. Use the DEA Form 225 embedded with the signature from Procurement to document tax exempt status

  • VBP Registration
  • Virginia Board Registration Application
  • Example VBP application form specific to UVA
  • Fees: The cost associated with the VBP Registration cannot be waived (~$90).

  • Pay the initial application fee with a personal check and get reimbursed through Expense UVA. Supplier/Vendor #10867.

    Fee can be paid using Departmental funds, non-federal funds, or personal funds. Federal grants CANNOT be used to pay registration fees.

    McGlathery Application Process.PDF