About the University

In 1819, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia and inaugurated a bold experiment – a public university designed to advance human knowledge, educate leaders and cultivate an informed citizenry.

Two centuries later, this vision is thriving. Across Grounds - and throughout the world - UVA students, faculty, staff and alumni challenge convention, break barriers and pursue the greater good.

A Leader in Public Higher Education

The University is an iconic public institution of higher education, boasting nationally ranked schools and programs, diverse and distinguished faculty, a major academic medical center and proud history as a renowned research university. The community and culture of the University are enriched by active student self-governance, sustained commitment to the arts and a robust NCAA Division I Athletics program.


In its third century, the University of Virginia offers an affordable, world-class education that is consistently ranked among the nation’s best.

Leadership and Stewardship

As one of the nation’s leading public institutions, UVA pushes the boundaries of what’s possible – always in the name of the greater good. One of the things that makes this possible is an unswerving commitment to initiatives that grow, strengthen and shape our institution for the future.

Office of the President
Office of the President
On October 19, 2018, the University of Virginia inaugurated James E. Ryan as its ninth president. A respected and accomplished educator and legal scholar, President Ryan previously served as dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a graduate of UVA Law.
Financial Stewardship
Financial Stewardship
The University of Virginia heads into its third century with a strong financial foundation. This includes an endowment of approximately $7.6 billion that yields $190 million in annual endowment contributions. In addition, the University's Strategic Investment Fund provides an additional $100 million annually for research and other strategic investments.
The University has attracted a vibrant and capable new leadership team possessing enormous talent, energy and creativity. These leaders are united in their efforts to sustain and further advance the University’s highest aspirations as one of the world’s truly remarkable institutions of higher learning.

Serving the Greater Good

Affordability and Access

UVA provides a world-class education to talented students who meet our rigorous standards. Through our financial aid model, we accept students solely on academic merit; cover 100% of financial need; and limit debt. One of two public universities using this approach, we offer robust student scholarship support while protecting against excessive student debt – because we believe a world-class education should be affordable to all.

Economic Impact

UVA serves as a powerful engine for the Commonwealth, either directly or indirectly supporting one in every 76 jobs in the state and generating nearly $6 billion in annual economic impact. The University generates hundreds of millions in tax revenue for local governments, and its faculty, staff and students contribute thousands of volunteer hours to local charities.

Engine for Research and Innovation

UVA researchers focus on intellectual and societal challenges that impact the greater good, creating new knowledge that moves the world forward. As part of this effort, the University invests in several cross-disciplinary initiatives, including the Data Science Institute, Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative, in addition to many other significant resources. In 2018 alone, the University generated $394 million in sponsored research awards.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity stands with ethics, integrity, and academic excellence, as a cornerstone of University culture. The University promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces the full spectrum of human attributes, perspectives, and disciplines. When people of different backgrounds come together, they exchange ideas, question assumptions (including their own), and broaden the horizons for us all. A University of Virginia community rich in diversity affords every member equal respect and provides a forum for understanding our differences as well as our commonalities.

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